Your Experiences Of Curve Support (Via App & Email Channels)

We are not permitted to talk about specific support tickets on the Curve Community forums. We are not permitted to escalate a support ticket from the app or email channels to this community forum.

However, I would be interested in people’s general experience of support.


A recent support event saw me explaining an issue I had, receiving a reply quite quickly which did not resolve the issue. Upon providing clarifying information I have still had no answer for 10 days now.

Another support event discussing a certain topic and requesting certain information generated a reply after three days but the answer did not provide the information I needed.


Some minor support events have been resolved extremely quickly (within 24 hours).

One large event was resolved extremely satisfactorily and even returned certain physical objects to a pre-event configuration which was entirely unexpected and a nice surprise.


How have others’ support experiences been? What time frames are you finding? Are you satisfied with the resolutions?

Overall good
But sometimes it take 1 week or 2

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Generally good service but a touch on the slow side.

I feel like Metal Cardholders should have a priority in terms of turnaround time as part of their subscription.

My experience has been overall positive. For the time being I have mostly received same day responses. I only had one problem when my new Curve Black Card arrived damaged and I had to reply numerous times with the same information that I provided through in-app chat and email. It felt as if I was receiving responses from a bot that couldn’t register the information correctly. Once I a while, if I didn’t receive a response within a day, I just send a message on Twitter and things got moving.

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Well, I did not have many support cases so far (just a few, really) but it has always been helpful enough, responsive and within a reasonable timeframe. So it’s a definite positive from me.

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Hi @dembro2830, can you be more specific ?

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Your original post was hidden as it had been flagged for insulting language directed towards support staff not because of any criticism.

I see the comment
And it was the right choice to hide it

That’s not the way to talk


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We can see the hidden post

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Yes, and it was only bad words
No useful
Bad words, slow support, damm

Where are the critic you are talking about?

No, it’s just the forum rules - objective criticism is fine, insults to members of staff is not. I’m closing this thread until tomorrow.


So far excellent. Have only been a member for a week, but I had an initial query that was answered in less than a day, and then a few days later I had a request and this was answered and actioned in 4 hours despite it being a Sunday. So far very pleased.