Wirecard: Refunds

What are your questions about refunds? :blush:

Let us know here and we’ll add them to the FAQs. Have a look whether your questions are listed right below before posting, please and thank you :wink:


  • I made a transaction before 26.06.20, do you know when I can expect it?
  • I made a transaction after 26.06.20, do you know when I can expect it?
  • Will every transaction be automatically converted to Curve Cash?
  • Can I postpone the refund until it can receive it on the card I used?
  • I was notified that my refund was processed and the funds are on its way, is this still the case?
  • My funding card has been replaced, how will I receive my refund?
  • I’ve received a new Curve card, how will I receive my refund?
  • Will Curve Cash only be available in GBP and would I have to pay any exchange fee to Curve or my bank?
  • Can I decide what currency my Curve Cash is in?
  • Can I have several Curve Cash pots for different currencies?
  • I closed my account. How can I get my money back?

Update: Rebuilding refunds: how will refunds work moving forward?


Hello everyone! Dear Curve Team!

My refund was issued today (30.06.) Do you have any information when will I get it? I read that refunds issued before 26.06. will have a problem, but mine is later, hopefully it is already controlled by Checkout. Please say something good. :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s my understanding too. Any refunds after the 26th should process normally. @Curve_Marie Is our understanding correct?

Refunds typically take 1-5 days to appear in your underlying card.


“In the first instance, the quickest way to do this is to send that money back to you as Curve Cash so you can use it right away. If we are able to process a refund; you will find it on your Curve Cash balance.”

Does this mean that all refunds will be automatically converted to Curve Cash?
I look forward to returning a large amount from RyanAir and I would prefer it not be converted to GBP (I paid in PLN)

Is a refund that is issued now for a purchase prior 26th working or not?

Ha. My refund notification arrived by email on Friday the 26th, stating “ Your refund has been processed! Please note, it may take several days for your financial institution to update things on their end, but everything on our end is complete.”
It’s not a large amount of money, but I’m just curious how it will work out.
Wouldn’t have any problems with it, if Curve would refund it in Curve Cash instead of on the underlying card.

I’ll just sit tight and wait for what’s going to happen :blush:

Another related question with regards to refunds:
I’m waiting for a refund on unused rail tickets but there are a couple of factors:

  • The card number used has changed (Curve card was reissued as an Investor card)
  • The original Curve card would have been Wirecard
  • I no longer have an account with the underlying credit card used - that account was closed in March.

Any idea how the refund will be handled?

Since it is not urgent, but the refund on the original card would be most relevant - is there a possibility to postpone the refund until it can be made directly to my linked and used card?

Hey @andycambsuk

I can answer a few of these based on how refunds are handled generally.

  1. Curve manages refunds on an account basis, so it doesn’t matter if your Curve card has been reissued/changed. Your underlying account remains the same.
  2. Can’t answer this yet, based on this thread Curve is working on a solution.
  3. That’s fine - in such cases refunds can go into your Curve Cash account instead.

Will refunds with GBIT function as normal once that’s been reinstated?

@Curve_Marie I got two messages in my phone about two incoming refunds and that I needed to log in to Curve and select which card I would like the refund sent back to. This was early Monday morning around 3-4 AM and I was asleep. It would be beneficial if notifications are only pushed out during regular day time, say 7 AM to 10 PM. If a refund comes in overnight - I will gladly deal with it in the morning after.

Only problem with those two notifications and refunds - when I logged into my Curve app, there wasn’t any trace of any refund at all! Not in transaction list, not in the old original transactions, the money are not back to the underlying card and I could select anything at all. No trace at all!

I don’t even know if the filter/search function will sort out refunds specifically, if it can - then I don’t understand how to use it correctly. Of course you should be able to quickly list all your incoming refunds during a certain time period!

To sort refunds in with the original transaction, might sound like a good idea but it’s not! Suddenly recipt totals, from the original purchase do not match - making it very hard to trace the payment to an exact purchase. You have business users here, the accounting and doing paper work where receipts must match the print out from my bank is a nightmare with the current system!

Also, Ikea for example (one of Curve’s own cash back partners) allows for returns and refunds for up to 365 days from purchase date! If I bought last year and for some reason return today, I certainly do not want to sit and scroll back a few hundred lines of transaction from a whole year, just to find if my transaction has been refunded or not.

The refund process desperately needs to be re-thought and re-built from the ground up!

Final note, not everyone deal in GBP, so everyone outside of Great Britain would like to have their refunds in the Euros, Dollars or whatever other currency was used in the original transaction.


Wouldn’t you just use the search tool…?

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After reading the article about refunds, one question comes to me. What happens if refunds are in different currencies f.e. EUR and PLN? Will the refund on Curve Cash be visible in the original currencies of the transactions separately or will it be converted into GBP?