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Good morning :nerd_face: check the last update :eyes: Wirecard: Updates

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Please post them in there :point_up::smiley:

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As of today, Wirecard’s share trading has been suspended … :flushed:

Monzo actually categorising my transactions correctly that I do on curve so Ryanair come through as holidays like they have categorised it in past so it’s working fine for me

It hasn’t. Still trading. It was a problem with the stock exchange affecting all users of that exchange.

For the lucky shorters they have made 300%+ in 3 days.

The latest update at 8 pm last night stated:

:white_check_mark: Enabled Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay as well as Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay and WENA Pay by Sony

Does that mean that ALL cards should be working with Google Pay or only those that used to worked before the Wirecard issue? I’m asking because I keep getting the “This card can’t be set up to pay in stores” error message in Pay. My Curve card number starts with 5375 9020. Google Pay officially lists Curve as supported in Germany, this is a German Curve card, but it still doesn’t work.

Only the same cards as before

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Does transaction show as completed in N26 app or pending?

It is not immediate, they will be refunded to you within a few days.

From the short amount of time I used N26 as my main bank account, I think they don’t distinguish transactions as pending/confirmed at all, they all showed as full debits even if they were not, I assume for simplicity.

Ouch, thats kind of lame. :confused:

I found N26 very slow when it comes to process card refund when use GBit. I had to contact customer service twice to fasten things up.

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@Curve_Marie I don’t have much use for the refunds functionality yet, but the “Use Curve Cash automatically feature” is bloody genius. Thank you! :smiley:

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Getting the refund process back up and running is nice enough - thank you!!

But from the list of things to to, it was marked as ”soon” while there were two ”construction workers” in front of the GBIT paragraph. At least that made me believe that GBIT was the currently top project being worked at. Is that not how the construction worker emojis should be interpreted?

Yesterday there was one construction worker emoji each beside the two paragraphs ”Apple Pay, Google Pay, X Pay” and one by GBIT.

Today/late yesterday Apple Pay, Google Pay, X Pay was released back in working condition. So the construction guy emoji showed it was being worked on and it was delivered. At least I made the assumption that GBIT would be next. Was it wrong of me to assume so from the now two construction workers in front of GBIT and the ”soon” sign in from of the other paragraphs further down the list.

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Yep, so I later learned.

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Unfortunately it is normal at local market.
Btw. It is csob bank (part of KBC), Czech Republic.

Hello, for any question about refunds, please use this thread Wirecard: Refunds :blush:

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