Which metal card colour did you choose!?



Haha glad to see you finally received yours @Dann!


@ediflyer im so so happy with it! So pretty!


Wow. Ordered a red card on the 7th and it arrived today (9th). That was a pleasant surprise considering some have waited weeks.

Now after seeing the rose gold cards, I think I want to swap!


Having a red card, the one thing that strikes me from this thread is how poor they appear in pictures - does everyone use flash or something? All the red cards in pictures here seem to overbrighten it terribly! The actual colour is much deeper but with a really nice metallic reflection in the light that brightens it much more tastefully than the pictures seem to show!


It’s because if you look directly from the top, it is nice and deep red. If you look at an angle, you can see into the grooves from the brushed effect and these grooves are silver, so you get the washed out effect.

So if the picture is taken at an angle, it will look washed out. But to be fair it does that in real life as well.


Here is a picture from an angle:


@Curve_Marie Can anyone get back to me with regards to my metal card. I’ve currently been waiting 25 days since I upgraded. I see people ordering on the 7th and receive on the 9th… What is going on.


Let me check for you @JamesH.


Would also love to know what’s happening re my card not arriving.


I have gone red too I have never been excited about receiving a bank card before lol


26 Days later, My metal card finally arrived this morning. Really pleased with the quality and design even after waiting this long. Anyone still waiting, hang on in there… :slight_smile:


Just to clarify, you, @JamesH, were in a small group of [unlucky] people that didn’t get their Metal card quickly due some issues with issuing your card. My friend was also in this group, but luckily that’s been fixed a while back and your orders where reinstated after you confirming your colour and order.

Just to clarify usually metal card orders do take only a couple of days, at the moment the lead time is 5 days since we have hit the capacity of our supplier.


Thanks for the clarification, I was not trying to make a dig at curve for the delay, just trying to reassure others who have waited a similar amount of time, that it’s worth it.


No worries, just wanted to explain to everyone what happened. :slight_smile:


I was one of the unlucky ones but was able to request a new one and get a replacement within 2 days! Rose gold was definitely a good idea!


Yes ! Rose gold is my wish since the beginning, and i’m so impatient to have mine here in France!!!:slight_smile:


Hi @Patrick_BB

It looks very nice in a Tumi wallet :stuck_out_tongue:


@MrChagle Hello Glen !!! Happy to hear from you !:slight_smile:
Yes, i agree ! … but does it work as expected ? in ATM, or POS, or on-line? did you try all ?


Hi Pat.

I haven’t used it in an ATM, a bit nervous just in case it gets stuck. Which it probably won’t!!

I’ve used chip and PIN and works flawlessly. Also online … no issues so far.

You soon get used to the weight. … being heavier than “normal” cards.


I am one of the lucky ones got mine 2 days after ordering it and it’s a beautiful thing