Which metal card colour did you choose!?



No, I’m still waiting for the rose gold. Ordered on the 27th.


I ordered on the 17th and still waiting. Can anyone beat me :smiley:


That really is shocking!! What colour?


blue… Not even rose gold!


I got mine today finally.

It looks great, however, it is little bit light weight as compare to my other metal cards.


@hmartin77 that’s interesting. No Mastercard symbol / logo on the front?


Maybe only for Rose Gold card. Don’t know whether only for mine as a mistake. Anyway it is “special” treat.


I’ve ordered rose gold too. Arrived today. Not opened the box yet. I’ll let you know about the MC logo if mines different. Suspect it’ll be the same. Looking good though.


My Metal Rose Gold Arrived today - Ordered on the 27th.

Pretty impressive to be honest.

Ordered my metal card 28 jan, still hasn't arrived, normal?

Hi Dear Glen ! Amazing rose card !! great choice ! I’m more enthusiast but so impatient to be able to order that in France ! But strange the previous rose card without any MC logo !!! i though it was mandatory…
BTW, did you receive the package ?


Thanx for sharing picture ! But so strange ! it’s the first time i see a MC without the MC logo… it’s a collector ! keep it into a safety box and order another one…:slight_smile:


Hi @Patrick_BB

I just emailed you!!!

I do like the colour, now I’ve got it it, looks great.



Exactly the same happened to me. I contacted Curve and received conformation that my metal card was on its way and correctly addressed. (The only definitive contact I have had from Curve since the Amex debacle broke!)


They never bothered replying to my query about it!! I still have genuine concerns about their customer service.

It was correctly addressed when it arrived on Wednesday though. Really, really quality feeling and looking card and it feels a little bit special to use. Total vanity, but as a token of something nice in return for chucking more money than is reasonable at Curve to support them, it makes me happy :wink:

I’ll support them for the six month minimum term - but I will not be continuing after that unless either:

  • There is a seriously marked improvement in the speed and quality of customer service
  • Apple Pay is activated
  • Amex is back
  • The benefits package sees some big improvements


I can assure you that Metal is not going away. :slight_smile: It’s a great product and we have a great amount of people that already have signed up, just like you!

Regarding the issues that you are experiencing at the moment, I am sorry this might come across as a poor user experience.

We are working hard on every single issue with some like reenabling rewards, having high priority. You will see that adapt fairly quickly if we get reasonable feedback, e.g. grandfathering.

Regarding communication, we definitely want to provide a better service to you as we currently can, but we are at full capacity regarding support and therefore as you have mentioned in another post we are hiring more colleagues, none the least in Customer Experience.

Getting answers here you are already privileged as not everyone has access to this forum, so please be mindful of this and treat everyone with respect.


I think we all appreciate the difficulty of the situation you find yourselves in. Equally, I am sure you would never had taken the ‘metal plunge’ had you known that it would result in the situation you are now in. I am glad to see you admit that the ‘Customer Experience’ is currently far from acceptable . All good stuff.
I have looked at things as dispassionately as possible, and you need to do the same for us. You have given us an extended cooling off period, which is great, but I don’t think anyone is going to decide on their future relationship with Curve based solely on your ‘‘working hard on every single issue’’, and you pulling a rabbit out of the hat at the 11th hour! Every day that goes by without definitive promises from your CEO and full disclosure of what you can and can’t achieve together with time-frames, is one more day towards me, at least, saying. ''Metal isn’t for me, refund my annual subscription and put me back where I was".
I have pencilled into my diary 10:00 on Tuesday morning, 12th Feb to make my ‘get me out of here’ decision. Admittedly this is in part due to my being abroad when the cooling off period expires and I need to take a working (Blue??!!) card with me NLT 23 Feb.


Finally… my rose gold card arrived today… it’s beautiful :slight_smile:


My words, exactly. Pretty neat huh?



Hello Peter ! thanx a lot for sharing that beauty!! I do have the Amex Plat. too, as soon as metal rose gold is available for us in France i’ll be able to post the exactly same picture.!! aha. :slight_smile:
Pink metal is really the best of class from my viewpoint since the beginning, no regrets and impatient. Pat.