Which metal card colour did you choose!?



My mistake. I went for Red.

By pink, you mean Rose Gold right?


yes Andy ! Rose gold.


Exactly same here. Curve should extend cooling off period for whom have the metal card lately received. Already more than 10 days have passed.


they’ve extended it to 28 days…


Hi @Patrick_BB

I’ve ordered rose gold. Waiting for it to be delivered. I’ll send you over a picture when I receive it. :credit_card:


Hello @MrChagle

Yeah ! sounds great ! i’m impatient to have the shot ! i hope the card will really have the “rose gold” look, and not only some shades of rose lost in a global gold colour… Thank you Glen !


No worries Pat. Hopefully I’ll get the card soon. It’s been 10 days since I upgraded.

Curve support says it’s definitely been dispatched.


I think you’ll have the chance to receive the card and the wallet the same day…:slight_smile:


Hi @Patrick_BB

I hope so. :slight_smile:


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Hi Tim…I understand all you say, but please, you cannot compare Curve and a bank !
Comparing Curve to N26 is like comparing Curve and Royal Bank of Scotland, or Curve and Chase, or Curve and Deutsch Bank or other… You know ? Curve is not a Bank office, but a fantastic tool to bind all our Bank cards. N26, in your example, is a real Bank, ( only on-line of course, but a real Bank with overdrafts, deposit accounts, IBAN, credit, savings, etc…). Of course Curve is shaken by a little storm since a lot of weeks, but after the tempest i’m sure we’ll find a sunny time…:slight_smile: . Pat. ( i"m not Curve employee ! i just support the team and their work.).


The red card for me in the end… I’m already on my second Metal subscription after all the Amex confusion :pensive: so had to restart the long, long wait for my card at the weekend!

One thing confuses me - between ordering Metal and receiving the welcome email, my house number seemed to disappear from the delivery address. It was definitely there when I upgraded, but on the email it’s gone. I emailed support as soon as I noticed (back on Saturday), but still haven’t heard from them. Did anyone else notice this problem, and if so did your card still arrive OK?


My “upgrade” was on the 27th Jan, I still haven’t received my metal card. Although support did say it’s been dispatched.


So I read :frowning: ever so frustrating.

I have a working theory that they are perhaps producing the cards in batches in order to meet minimum print runs, and that rose gold is getting fewer runs.

However now I’ve seen that they haven’t put my address properly on the confirmation I have another working theory that they’ve messed up the delivery addresses for some customers.

I ordered my original Curve Metal on the 25th and it wasn’t cancelled until 7 days later when customer services finally replied, but I never (and still haven’t) seen a card for it. It’s entirely possible they never actually made it, but it doesn’t fill me with confidence of seeing mine (ordered Saturday) any time soon. The trouble is, they’re taking so long to deliver I have no idea when I’m supposed to assume that it’s been lost in the post (it wouldn’t be the first time!)__


I ordered Rose Gold too. I really have no confidence in the system now, and am truly worried it’s a “lost in post” scenario!

… and what with support taking so long so answer tickets, it’s getting frustrating to get any feedback.

AND in the meantime, the 28 day cooling off period is ticking away…


I ordered blue at first and now red, I’m only guessing at why yours may have been delayed judging by the poll results upthread.

Support has truly become abysmal - they desperately need to sort it out, as 24 hours is far too long for someone to be waiting for even the most meanial unimportant reponse if you’re not going to provide live help (by chat or phone).

I’m interested - why do you consider it important to the cooling off period? The functionality isn’t going to be any different; are you just worried you won’t like the card physically and want to go back to a plastic one?


To be honest, I wanted Amex but I also want the Metal card + gadget insurance. Although I’m probably not going to cancel, and I am hoping Amex will come back. But I don’t think it will…

I just like the idea of having a buffer (of the 28 days cooling off period) “just in case” – Don’t ask me what the just in case is, because I have no idea how my mind works at times!!

I have paid up the full year to get the fee out of the way.


Not far off my justification then. The main reason I went back to Metal was to support Curve (and partly because I think they deserve me paying for something for what they’ve given me for free for so long, even if I only do it for 6 months). I had originally cancelled almost immediately after hearing the Amex news, but now that I have had a chance to think through everything more fully informed, I will go ahead and hope that Amex and Curve can see their respective faults and sort out their differences - in the mean time it’s still a very useful card.

I can only justify the bulk of the cost based on the Gadget Insurance, although it’s debateable whether I really need it…touch wood. CDW is useless to me unless it covers me in the UK, and I won’t be ditching my current travel insurance because it’s a grandfathered policy with way better customer service than Curve’s policy.


… Yeah, more or less same as me to be honest. Fingers crossed the cards arrive soon. I’ve just seen another post that someone waiting 2 weeks!


I ordered on Fri 25 and still waiting - seems like nobody has received the rose gold ones yet? Have contacted them and they’ve just replied to say they’ll send another out - with another 5-7 working day wait!!!