Which metal card colour did you choose!?



I agree! I saw that Amex in the US we’re offering its gold charge card customers a rose gold (metal) option (Google it) and it looks superb! Shame Amex has no plans to issue metal cards in Europe…


I think that in case of no choice, or missing choice, they send the Blue one…
It’s maybe the most regular or common colour after all…in curve’s mind…:slight_smile:
Anyway, as soon as the metal is available for France, i’ll choose the pink gold.


I’ll take a look today on google. BTW, Amex is offering metal card for Europe !!! the Black one :slight_smile::slight_smile:…Try to have one and share the picture…aha ! :slight_smile:


Red all the way. I thought there was a mark on the card just to the right of the MasterCard logo at first, but they all appear to have it. Just arrived and ready to use. I don’t have an Amex card so no issues for me on that front :blush:


Ordered mine Sunday, still waiting. Just want to see what Rose Pink looks like!


Think its the Master Card TM ( trade mark )


Yeh it is, I also thought I had a scratch in the metal when i got mine!


@Curve_Marie Beautiful card but we don’t have anymore beautiful circle effects around curve logo. :cry:Why?


Ordered mine a while ago but, its been snowing like mad so there hasn’t been mail for a few days. From the pictures that other people put it looks really good.


@Whynotnow Hello ! thanx for sharing !
But, what happened to your first debit card with raised numbers ? seems to be fired…


Don’t know. Not my pictures :wink:


Still waiting for mine but will post as soon as I get it :grinning:


got mine Sunday
looking sexy :)))


The circles would look awkward when engraved on the card. It works well on the plastic card because of the different shades of blue is used to emphasise the circles.


Received mine today. Was not given a choice and received the blue version. Not really worried.


Hi @Billy46

When did you upgrade? It’s been over a week for me now. Was it trackable postage, or just posted through the door like a normal postal delivery?

Thank you :wink:


Just over a week. Received by normal mail.


Has any received their ROSE GOLD card yet? Upgraded on Fri 25 Jan and still waiting… getting a bit annoyed as others seem to be getting theirs even though they ordered after me.

Esp after the AMEX news, I am starting to feel a little disenfranchised. Emailed support on Friday, still waiting for a reply.


I received Rose Gold today and ordered on Wednesday.


@A1 Hi Andy ! could you share a photo please ? As soon as metal will be available for us in France, i’ll choose the pink one…But i would like to see it …for the moment , only blue or red are shared…thanx!