Which metal card colour did you choose!?



So you mean like a dummy card with John Doe on it? :smiley:
Convince your partner to get a metal card and invest 150GBP :slight_smile:


Received red metal card in post today. Hmmmmm shiny! Love the packaging as well, @Curve_Marie - very clever!


I can confirm the red one is awesome and the packaging is nice, too!

Just too bad that with all the contactless payments these days you don’t get to hand your card to too many people. :wink:


@curve_tobias was it your red card I saw in the office last week?


I don’t think so, I ordered mine through the app (the official way) and only received it Friday at home.


Morning, All.

I received a blue Metal card last night. I would describe it as a petrol blue, mostly very dark (almost black at some angles), but with a nice hint of dark blue as it catches the light (photos below). I’m very pleased with my choice.

Thank you, Curve.

IMG_5811 IMG_5812


I’ve gone for blue, but I’m beginning to regret my decision. I think I should’ve gone for club red :joy:


Hi just got my red metal card . Looks spectacular will be putting it to the test soon. I opted for yearly subscription and has been charged to my main card directly. Hence going back in time is not allowed . Going by the message’s. Will I be eligible for a refund on the subscription. .

Curve metal card

Please share pictures. :+1:


The thickness and feel is that of a JP Morgane palladium card and the weight that of a Amex centurian


WAouuuuu!!! astonishing !!!
It’s so cruel for us here in France…I just have for the moment the new black program…:frowning:
Despite all is said about, i think the pink (rose) metal card isn’t only made for girls, and i’m sure i’ll chose this one when metal will be available for us frenchies… :slight_smile:
I feel the pink design is the sole very near from JPmorgan palladium, which is IMHO the best brushed design currently on the market… Just need to see a picture of the pink one…



Although I’ve ordered my card. At any point can a new card be ordered but a different colour?


You can replace your card, but we cannot give you multiple active ones.


Sure, I was meaning if ever I need to get the card replaced, I might want a different colour.


When replacing the card you can choose another colour :slight_smile:


For those who want BLACK color metal card please vote here : :+1:
BLACK color metal card


I’m very happy with the red build quality


Glad to see you’re #TeamRedCard :smile: mines still not arrived yet :frowning:


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How long did your cards take to arrive - I ordered mine yesterday?