Which metal card colour did you choose!?



Thought we’d have some fun!

  • Blue
  • Rose Gold
  • Red

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I’ve gone red!

Picture of the red (Courtesy of @jaxton)

I’ll post the others when I see them!

Anyone received their Metal?
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Any chance Curve could have some photos posted of the different colour cards, to give us a real world idea of colour? @Curve_Marie


I’ve seen them all, they’re SOO COOL :heart_eyes:


Lucky you! I’m torn between Blue and Red!


The blue is very similar to the plastic variant


Are you able to see them in the app? Go to “Card”, then “Manage You Subscriptions”. You should be able to view the three options there :slight_smile:


Yeah, I can. Being digitally rendered, I just thought they might not be perfectly accurate to what the real life colour actually is.


I’m going for the red, I don’t have many/any cards in my wallet that are that beautiful colour :heart_eyes:


Yeah. As soon as I can actually tap a tapable upgrade button, I might actually do the same.


Woohoo! Red card club!


Ah, I see what you mean. We don’t have any photos for promotional efforts, however, @Dann had the chance to see them all the other day and found his favourite :smiley:


They’re all impressive. The blue is very similar, the rose gold one has a iPhone 6S rose gold vibe, and the red… is STUNNING!

I’d be happy with any of them, but red is my favourite colour, and favourite card :smile:



… now if only the upgrade button worked.


Woohoo! Welcome to the club!

(Also, congrats on being my first quoted comment! Thanks @Curve_Marie)


Its now working, get hitting it!


I couldn’t hit it harder. #clubREDalltheway



Where did that nice shiny .gif go of the rotating Metal cards you posted? I can’t find it for the life of me!

If you have any more glamour shots of the Metal cards please do share! Need to use it bragging purposes.


Happy to share shiny Metal photos :star_struck:


Let me see if I can convince a few people to share some more glamour shots :wink:

Update: Sharing individual glamour shots would botch the PR campaign, so have to wait.


Cheers! That GIF is enough for my purposes :grin:


I wanted the Red card metal… but dont want to loose the Grandfathered black benefits as I dont want the metal benefits… just the card…
@Curve_Marie is there any way of just ordering one… ya know just slide a ten… you slide me a red metal card… nobody would know. :wink: