Where have you been with Curve?



Thought I’d make a thread to have some fun, let’s see how much of the earth we can fill in.

Here’s where I’ve personally been, if you leave countries you’ve visited below, ill update this map and let see if we can fill it!


I’ll play. you already have Denmark, US, so:
Spain, Norway, Sweden, Canada, France.


Added them on!

Thanks for your contribution Paul!


I´ll play too :wink: Germany, Czech republic;


I am from the Netherlands, there I have used it. Not have it used abroad (yet).


The US, Canada, Hong Kong, Spain, Japan, Australia, Gibraltar, Belgium, Norway, New Zealand, Ireland are ones I can think of off the top of my head.


That’s really impressive! :open_mouth:


Where have you been with Curve?

My house.:house:


Added yours :slight_smile:

Beat you to it! I was in Amsterdam for Pride last year :rainbow_flag:


Ok, but in that case why is the Netherlands still grey on the map? Must be because Amsterdam is not really part of the Netherlands anymore, is more like an amusement park :wink:.


@poeliev I’m tired :sleeping: I’ve been working my real job all afternoon. I’m sorry I forgot to add the theme park blue :wink: I’ve corrected it for you :smile:


Thx! :+1:But it looks like some countries were ‘unblued’ in the process (e.g. Belgium).


This is why I should sleep! I’ll get this fixed! Thanks @poeliev


You’re welcome. As we say in the Netherlands ‘welterusten’!


@poeliev - Updated! Welterusten :netherlands:


Haha you can add Singapore as I’m physically here with it, although haven’t actually used it yet as I still avoid using Curve for hotel preauths! Also want to preserve my annual limits :smile:


Have they got any funky flavour kitkats you can bring back for me :wink: we can add Singapore when you’ve done it :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m in Portugal and have used it a lot here, so you can add it to the map


Thanks for your contribution, Portugal has gone blue :slight_smile:


You can also add Germany, Russia, South Africa, Slovenia, Czech Rep.,