When your friend asks you "What is Curve?", how would you describe it in a single sentence?


When someone asks me about Curve I usually explain it as a digital wallet with a linked physical card.

How do you explain Curve?

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“Its a front for all of your bank cards” - this is my opening line, but I feel this doesn’t do curve justice so I go on to explain all of the features.


“It’s a plastic/payment card that you can map to any of your bank cards, use it without loosing benefits, and re-assign payments to a different card after the fact”.


It’s just a regular bank card which lets you charge your purchases to any of your other existing bank cards.

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Curve allows me to manage spending on multiple cards using one card, a sort of Lord of the Cards!!


:+1: this is good, I like this


The phrase “one card to rule them all” has been used by our customers :smile:


It’s one card that replaces all my other credit and debit cards and allows me to change the card I used for payment after the payment has been made.


“Curve is a physical PayPal” :laughing:


Agree with mkcol’s description here.


A ‘Card Consolidation Service - all your cards under one’.


Lol yes I say “one card to rule them all” and then I say “ do you want my referral code ?”


“Single card that replaces all the others in my wallet”


‘catch-all’ card :stuck_out_tongue:


Curve allows me to save money when I spend abroad as I do not pay the 3% exchange rate fee but still enables me to earn points - perfect!


Quite simply, The “Master” Card. A card for all cards. That’s my general response.


A card that pays £5 for using them, and then £5 for every person who uses your code. It’s the future of cards, future of tech, it’s like the next big hype so don’t miss out… That’s pretty much enough for anyone to how interest and look more into it. Worked many times, never gets old. No one says no to a free £5 plus additional fivers weekly/monthly.


Unless you’ve got unlimited friends and family, surely the £5 is only a pretty small part of the card, no?

Inthink the main selling feature is that you can attach any card to it, payment acceptance has improved, so it really can be the only card you carry (post-Amex Intro!)


I normally say " You know of those cool swiss army knives , the ones that have everything from tweezers, a toothpick to a corkscrew - its kinda the credit card version of that"…