When will Curve be available for Swiss cards?

I have a Swiss card but cannot add it to Curve. The app informs me that the card I am trying to add is not issued in a supported country.

Can you share any outlook on when it will be available for Swiss cards? What does the process look like for you in adding a new country, and where in that process are you with Switzerland?

And in general, where can we find a list of supported issuing countries (and their respective rollout plans)?


There is not much happening lately in that topic I am afraid :thinking:, but someone mentioned this problem over here:

Though someone did mention a workaround (to be able to add a Swiss card) in the same topic (this post and one the below this one in that topic):

Thanks for the quick response, and sad to hear it seems non-moving.

As for the solution mentioned in the other thread, they are talking about a workaround to use a Swiss billing address, but are also dead in the water with what my question was about, namely connecting a Switzerland-issued card.

I do believe they are talking about that:

It is about not being able to add a Canadian card (and not a Swiss one), but the principle is the same (as Canada is also a country where you can not get a Curve card). But as I am not in your situation, I am not sure this workaround will work, because there is no need/way for me to try it.

Or do you already get stuck in the first step (just like @herzog) where you need to enter your card details?

Right, I see. Yeah I get told right after entering the card number, so that’s why I didn’t also see any applicability workarounds of around next steps. However they discern Swiss cards, they do it and deny them with no further questions asked.

I asked support and got the following answer:

We can confirm that we are not able to support Swiss issued cards at the moment. This is something we’re looking into with our operations team, however, at the moment we do not have a timeframe for any developments.