When and why does Curve change MCC codes?

This is beyond a joke now. And all for what? I don’t believe we’ve had an explanation for why they do this?

I find that hard to believe. Even for purchases over €1,000? What about over €50,000?

You’d never pay such large amounts with a card. That would be refunded with a wire transfer and probably was initially paid that way too or in alternative through a Multibanco payment

I’m pretty sure I’ve paid >€1,000 by card in Portugal before.

Sure, if you buy white goods or tech but you’d get your refund in cash in those situations. I was thinking more about the 50k end of the scale

Found another one:

5462 (Bakeries) -> 5999 (Miscellaneous and Specialty Retail Stores)

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It doesn’t make any sense. :confused:

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