When and why does Curve change MCC codes?

That’s a really good point. We’ve raised this issue internally and will investigate how we can go about it. You should get more out of your cards with Curve, not less :wink:


Ah. So Curve now admit they are remapped? And thus that the advice given previously was in error?

@Curve_Marie great to see the progress you could achieve in one day, just keep the momentum! Thank you!

Just for everyone’s benefit, if you are on an MCC code based cashback scheme, pay attention to these code changes to avoid surprises - until otherwise communicated by Curve:

5941 --> 5999
8099 --> 8999
7922 --> @nvk please check and confirm if you can

Feel free to share other MCC code changes that you experienced.


Hi @Curve_Marie,

I realized earlier today, that Curve changes MCC for certain petrol station purchases to 8999, therefore lost my cash back. (possible MCCs: 5172, 5541, 5542, 5983, 9752)

Do you have some update for the public on what you agreed in November? Which MCCs will keep changing, mapping, etc.


Here is another proof point. Same transaction, same day, same POS terminal, same underlying card, same amount but guess what’s different, yes the MCC code.

MCC 5542 is Automated Fuel Dispensers, quite an exact definition. why do you need to recategorize it to MCC 8999 Professional Services ( Not Elsewhere Defined)? I would not call this as more general category, but totally different.

So far the changing MCC codes:
5941 --> 5999
5542 --> 8999
8099 --> 8999
7922 --> @nvk please check and confirm if you can



Curve changing around MCC codes is now making it so that I’m experiencing some rejected transactions due to the MCC that Curve reports. The same transactions go through just fine when using the underlying card directly


I have been stung by this before too.

The big problem is when they change the MCC code to be something “purchase” related to something “cash” related. So CC’s will then charge you a hefty fee!

Like today, from the 24th of Jan in the UK customers might pay these fee’s if they are using it against NS&I, DVLA, or Student Payments.

Sadly without being on the forums you wouldn’t get any notice of this at all. They do need to work on their communication in regards to this. Some information they have is sparse and hard to find. Saying that, the few times I have contacted them via chat they have answered me with the relevant information.

I wish they would update the support pages to list all cards too, My Blue (Legacy?) card doesn’t seem to exist anywhere, my card is Black and has limits that are higher than Black, but rewards are Blue… Ugh.

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It sounds like the effort of having all the codes not in the system (which are then in system) in a mapping table, a lot more efforts than simply pass the MCC untouched.

Wouldn’t it be possible that the mapping is due to avoid some MCC carrying higher (or massively higher) cost (thinking some shop categories such as adult toys), so remapping would make an impact on curve cost.

“Currently, we do not include all of the MCC categories in our system. This is why there may be cases where the MCC for a transaction would appear to be different in comparison to what you can see with your underlying payment card issuer. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

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I think you are not far from reality.
The question is why Curve can’t play this fair, providing enough information to its users?
All my tickets re this subject have become closed with the promise that they come back with more information asap. Since Nov 2019…

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We won’t publish the MCC mapping as it’s considered proprietary information. If there’s any scenario where a transaction was mapped differently than previously, please do send a message to our Support Team that will help you out. There’s also the option of using Go Back in Time if you would be better off using another funding card.

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Mastercard Hungary made the following statement in the news earlier today re Revolut changed top-up MCC code from 6012 to 4829: "According to Mastercard’s policies, which are consistent with applicable legal requirements, if a financial service provider becomes aware that they are using the wrong MCC code for a transaction type, it should be changed within the shortest possible time to the code that describes the real activity, " - said the card company.

In the light of the above statement it is interesting to see that Curve can change the MCC codes freely.


I suppose the question that occurs to me is why is there a need to map MCCs at all - why aren’t they just passed through unchanged from the original purchase?


Warning about going back in time!
I recently used the Go Back In Time in time feature to change a transaction from a credit card to a debit card. I did this because the credit card saw the transaction as a CASH ADVANCE/MONEY TRANSFER and charged a fee accordingly. Seeing this on my card, I used Go Back In Time to change it to a debit card.
Curve applied the refund to the credit card, but it shows as a refunded PURCHASE, which is different to the original transaction. This has resulted in the original cash advance fee remaining on the card, as although the original charge and refund amounts were the same, the transactions did not match. Additionally, I ended up with negative loyalty points, as the original charge did not qualify for points, but the refund did - totally unfair!

I’d take that up with Curve Support - I agree the first transaction should be refunded properly so you don’t lose out on both points and fees.


Yeah I saw on Monzo forum RBS has changed their credit card terms to target curve by the looks of it.

Example terms: https://personal.rbs.co.uk/content/dam/royal_bank_of_scotland/personal/credit-cards/documents/reward-credit-card-sampleagreement.pdf

Advances Section Page 2 of the PDF

Purchasing and topping up electronic money or payment cards ( including
purchases or top-ups of electronic money that are immediately used to
fund another transaction ), vouchers (including electronic vouchers),
travellers’ cheques, foreign currency (for example purchasing currency
through Travelex)

You will be charged a Cash Fee for all Advances. Please see the Charges Tariff for details
of the Cash Fee.

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I tried - they really don’t seem to understand!

When the underlying card is a Visa I can understand some remapping needing to happen, otherwise not sure why they can’t just pass it unchanged

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Doesn’t it also target PayPal, which does pretty much the same thing as Curve?

Yeah it could easily but since RBS are the card issuer I guess its up to them to decide who will actually get hit with the fee (see curve and the whole HMRC 1.5%)

This is the official support answer to my question asking why they need to change MCC codes.