What's your Curve story?


I love a good story and would like to hear yours! How did you join Curve? What’s your most exciting experiences with us so far?


Ha! I read about it, but it was only available for iPhone (which I hate). So I waited for an Android version. But your first try was a misfire - the app was a dummy, zero functionality. Users weren’t happy. But finally it came to, and I’ve been a user since day-1. For a time it actually made me money - a Russian bank was giving double benefits for cross-border transactions, so I routed all my rouble payments via Curve, and it showed as ‘LONDON’. Good times, haha.


Heard of Curve from travel-dealz.de and instantly joined Curve. I just LOVE the entire concept, all cards in 1 and even better, giving my “old” bank cards the new fintech features, such as un(blocking) the card, INSTANT app notifications. The last one is a big thing, I still want to be able to use my miles earning cards (the underlying cards), so the other fintechs (revolut, n26, monzo,…) are a no go for me (especially since their customer support is really bad), but I still want app push notifications, therefore, miles earning cards + curve is the number 1 kicker solution.

And I must add, the support you guys do via email is stellar! I work with a lot of b2b and b2c companies and I have NEVER seen such a professional and quick reply from any other company.
If I send an email to my regular bank, it takes around 7-10 business days til I receive a reply by snail mail. If I send an email to AmEx platinum team (the card costs 600€ / year!) I also do not receive a reply for several weeks.

With Curve I always receive a reply within 24hours, most of the time the same day and you guys actually read my email and do not just copy + paste FAQs.


How much were you paid to write that? Stellar email support? Seriously? Can only assume beta testers are getting preferential support.


Look at the date, that was pre subscription. Now it takes 7-8 days for a response.