What would persuade you to keep Metal?


  • The return of Amex should be the absolute number one priority.

  • Either an option to drop the insurance and all the other frills and pay a one off fee for the metal card, or added benefits such as Amazon Prime etc. I’d imagine a lot of us already have better benefits through our bank accounts.

  • Back in time extended to 30 or 60 days.

  • Additional cash back options.


I don’t think they should do this. They need to focus on the basic level of support for everyone. It takes far too long to receive a response at all these days.

But what would convince me to upgrade would be better/alternative cashback options and the return on American Express. 1% cashback for 6 retailers for the whole time would be fair in my eyes.


Yes, the FlexDirect is 5% for a year and then 1% ongoing on up to £2500 as long as you pay in £1000 per month from a non-Nationwide account.


I’ve been thinking about this since Metal arrived (I didn’t take the plunge because Amex Plat).

I actually think Curve should really think about providing something different to premium bank accounts and cards. They should be focusing the proposition on software features and services, not by travel and insurance benefits. So, for example as someone here has said, increase the time frame and amount for GBIT as a start.

I can’t say what other features should be, but I would pay for a service that linked my finances and spending together and allowed me to interact with it in an intuitive way, whilst maximising my ability to get points/miles, cashback etc, as well as managing services that can help with spending management, savings and investment and insurance (not by tying me in to services, but by actively managing my subscriptions and accounts and maybe automatically switching me to better deals or by offering to cancel or replace services that don’t provide the best value according to my needs.

I’m aware there are companies that do that, e.g. Tandem in the UK and Mint in the US, but Curve really have an opportunity to go big here, as no-one has got it right.


Couldn’t agree more @paulj - even the established banks with HNW-targetted brands, screw this up by competing against Amex Platinum with vastly inferior perks, if you have a partner and issue the supplementary platinum card, the perks are very hard to beat for £450 a year (I drive over £2k of value out of it p.a.). I may be alone, but the Amex Platinum perks and regular card offers cover exactly what I need, no more, no less.

I wouldn’t switch to a premium labelled bank account outside of the pay-to-change promotions, as their offering simply doesn’t suit me, and I resent paying for redundant services.

It would be interesting if a firm could assemble a mix-and-match bundle package, pick your 6 preferred perks, for example. The WeWork credit offered by N26 is interesting, not for everyone’s tastes (you get similar offerings from some Mortgage providers), though it doesn’t overlap with my Platinum perks.

All the start-ups have clearly latched onto the “metal card” fans, though for me it just screams poor-mans (albeit good value) Centurion. It’s similar to how every check-in clerk in a Dubai hotel rocks a fake Hublot, they are nice fakes, but are they really necessary. The metal has no functional benefit (quite the opposite with some ATMs, etc), and certainly not worth £50 to me.

The concierge / premium service simply can’t be economical at Curve’s current scale (80+ employees on LinkedIn), so they have done well to avoid it IMO.

Ultimately though, I would like these card providers to start delivering promised perks when they start selling the product. Given Revolut had issues with selling Metal months before the stated Lounge Key benefit materialised, surely Curve could have anticipated similar issues with the same provider?

Edit: misspelt Hublot, though so do some of the watches…


I would very happily pay for a £150 p.a. card (metal or otherwise) if:

  • higher annual limits (over £100K+ per annum), subject to their compliance checks. I realise that it’s hard to “guarantee” a higher limit for a higher tier card but surely there’s a way to pitch the service as monthly limit review based on historical spend patterns. Currently, it’s a Catch 22 situation. I conserve my limit and use it only in places where they don’t take credit cards because the limit is so low, therefore, not generating the “varied spending” limit that Curve wants.

  • prioritised customer service (with a phone number to call for emergencies), otherwise email response generally within 24 hours. This is really a deal-breaker at the moment; don’t understand why premium card holders don’t get priority response times.

  • cashback of some kind on spend, either x% of all spend (eg. Tandem) or x% from selected retailers (eg. AirTime Rewards). If other apps can do this, I’m sure that there’s some way for Curve to roll out the same thing for a card with an annual fee

I don’t particularly care about insurances and LoungeKey as I already have that via bank accounts and unlimited LoungeKey are often bundled with other credit cards. (Note that both the Santander and HSBC World Elite mastercards bundle unlimited LoungeKey visits for £15 per month and £195 p.a. respectively, so for Curve to roll out a card, now that Amex benefit is gone, with no inclusive LoungeKey visits does seem a bit stingy.


Amongst others the principal reason to go Metal was the unlimited Amex support. Without this the offer is less attractive than others and it therefore feels a lot to pay for a fancy metal card, desirable as it might be. I paid for a year up front, coming off the beta programme and am now left wondering whether to cancel or accept the loss and give them time to improve the offer. With no return of Amex or compensating improvement in the package I will certainly find it impossible to justify a continued subscription. There have been many good suggestions as to how the package might be improved, however winning the fight with Amex remains at the top of my list of desirables, even if I feel it unlikely.


I certainly agree that an incentive should be added. I personally think though a one off charge to keep the metal card should also be available.

Secondly, I would say the cashback features on a permenant basis would be a good enough incentive alone for me (9 retailers at 1%).


Personally I really don’t see the value of cashback - I had a cashback credit card for a long time and after a few months I stopped noticing it coming back as a credit on my bill - it just stopped registering and didn’t feel like a reward anymore.

For me, if I’m going to be paying on an ongoing basis, I want to see a material benefit for doing so. I can justify £140 for Amex Gold because I spend enough to hit the 10,000 points bonus so I get at least 25,000 points a year which I have to redeem against something special/important (usually a trip).

I don’t necessarily want another reward currency, but I do want a benefit that I actually feel gives me something I didn’t have before. That’s why insurance is just beyond caring about for me; because it’s something I can get anywhere. Something like a hot desking subscription, even limited to a day or two a month, is not something I could justify buying separately because Regus subscriptions are stupidly expensive usually, and would genuinely be really useful to me because I often work from wherever I happen to be, so would actually feel like a reward for paying the money.

Most people - and I’m guessing the majority of Curve users - are not likely to be huge spenders like so many people here appear to be.


Curve is all about one card with resilience, I was about to order Metal but have held back until:

Support for Amex, this is the preferred card for high spend travellers and would not consider fully migrating to Curve without such support.

Two nice to have’s”

  1. If a card fails when you are out and about it auto switches to a back-up card … removes the embarrassment factor.
  2. Supported by Apple Pay.


I really don’t see, in cardholders seeking to justify continued subscription, how anyone regards support as an option warranting a fee. Support should be a given.

And what would enhanced support look like? Someone popping round your house?

Maybe support is in the mix because there’s currently a lag in service. Surely, though, that doesn’t warrant users being prepared to pay for it. :open_mouth:


Simples. Amex support.


I really like the idea of “if the card fails it auto switches to another card”


Of course good customer support should be a given.

However it is very common for premium support to be provided to high value or very loyal customers.

In Curve’s case, my bass expectation is a maximum 4 hour response time on emails (24 hours in the absolute worst case).

Premium support could be an actual telephone number…


I see, but I do wonder just how much support one might need that warranted paying for it. I’d really hope my card would kinda just work, without needing the comfort of a rapid-response support service.

Without wishing to diminish the idea, it feels a bit like breakdown cover. Yes, I’ll happily pay for that, but not it’s equivalent for my Curve card.


Card fallback/failover would certainly be nice, particularly with the GBIT feature available: I’d much rather have a transaction charged to the “wrong” card (which I can then correct anyway) than refused and be embarrassed in a shop!

On a related note, more sophisticated transaction routing would be nice - for example, “charge all GBP transactions to Card 1, all non-GBP to Card 2”, or “all purchases to CC 1, all ATM withdrawals to my debit card”, particularly with the increased transaction transparency risking extra fees in some cases.


It’s not about the quantity of times you need support. It’s about the problems being solved quickly and effectively when you need it - something Curve seem very much incapable of st present.


Those sort of features are definitely being considered - see road map & ideas forum :+1:


Concentrate on the core service - all your cards in one. Drop the price, drop the second rate insurance and bring back Amex


free and unlimited lounge access for yourself and a guest… If I got that, then i would keep my metal even without the Amex support.