What benefits would make the new Curve Black and Curve Metal worth it?


I echo many of the comments, especially an amex-supporting 5 gbp/month fee (without insurance).

However, being someone who keeps a strict budget and a big fan of YNAB - YNAB integration would be a high priority for me (already voted for it in the app!). To be honest, it’s a bit difficult too effectively budget with an ‘amex wallet’ in curve - this may prevent me from using the feature…



a £5 a month amex tier would be good. I have no need for any of the insurances etc.

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There is, it’s called Blue and comes with £770 Amex allowance.



someone suggested Amazon Prime on another thread. good idea. if amex came back and i got Prime with my metal, id seriously consider paying £150 per year.

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Completely agree. It’s shambolic. Also I upgraded to Metal literally mins before I received the Amex reply. I think Curve need to address their customers ASAP as well as the first adopters / beta testers. I wonder if Curve are going down?

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the title of the thread is what would make black/ metal worth it…



Yeah. subscription stuffs might be good. A lot subscriptions now come bundled with netflix, spotify and etc.

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Limits have nothing to do with your subscription tier. Curve would give everyone much higher limits if it could. There’s no reason why they would give lower limits based on you having a blue or black subscription. It would just limit their profits



As with the insurances, prime is tied to specific countries, etc. I’d rather have benefits everyone can enjoy such as cashback, unlimited ATM withdrawals or just reduced or eliminated fees on services provided by curve, like eventually card to card transfers

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very true. I’d rather have greatly reduced monthly fees and free amex use (!) fx fees etc. that is why i took out Curve originally. But if we must have bundled services, I’d value things like Prime or Netflix more than another poor travel insurance.



I am trying to find out how you pick the 6 retails for the cashback but I have had no reply on twitter
also the Lounge access



lounge access will apparently happen sometime, but will still be £25 per visit. if you’re using it regularly, you’re probably better off with Amex Plat PP unlimited visits, if you use it once or twice a year you’re probably better off paying as you go or going to an airport pub.
cashback, depends when you joined Curve…

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Where did £25 per visit come from? All I read was 60% discount and that’s what I expect!