What benefits would make the new Curve Black and Curve Metal worth it?



On curve metal Unlimited fx transfers or card payments in different curency such as euro card paying for a pound transaction in UK should be fx fee free at weekends and the fair usage should be higher than on the old curve black and cash back should be offered then the deal will be better.

I don’t see why the red card is limited when I think the red will be the best colour for curve rather than blue black or rose colours


I would love curve to add a feature like the money box app where you can round up your spend to the nearest £1 and withdraw the money at the end of the month or transfer it to a savings account etc.

I would love for them to offer supplementary cards too. Would be great for parents giving kids an allowence if they can have controls and see what they are spending money on. Great tool for teaching money management in the 21st century.

If they could figure out a way to bring section 75 cover to spend too that would be amazing.

Finally if they could use the curve technology to make it easier for couples and groups to split bills that would be good too.

Just ideas that I’d maybe be willing to pay for and see value in a subscription model.

We Have Launched Metal - UK!

Disposable Virtual cards would be useful especially single use ones.


So let me get this straight. The 1% Cashback on the new Curve cards is only for 90 days? After the 90 days, what rewards are people entitled too? Nothing? Or will they join the “Grey” card members rewards program?


I don’t understand the bundling support for American Express together with travel insurance. Many, although of course not all, American Express card holders already have travel insurance, typically through the American Express Platinum Card, which is likewise underwritten by AXA, but comes with plenty of other travel benefits other than the insurance. Why would anyone want to pay for travel insurance twice?


When you realease Metal and Amex support outside the UK there are two main selling points if you want people to get it and use the card. That doesn’t include insurance. Most (all?) of us who would consider another premium card already got them with the high level expensive Amex cards. Keep it simple!

Higher limits is a must for Metal.

A new cashback program. What about something like the Revolut metal but better than 1% outside, 0,1% inside the union? Stimulates use and referrals for growth. Maybe 1% all over with a maximum of £15/month just like the fee or slightly higher at a sustainable level. That way people get awarded with a free Metal as long as they keep spending. They get more points for free from the underlying cards and are really happy with that. Of course this all depends on your businessgoal. Just my quick thoughts.

Regards, Mattias

Edit. Make the Metal «nordic» for us. Not common but still some merchants here in Scandinavia just accept cards with nordic code. The first six numbers of the card I belive.


My bank can give me worldwide family travel insurance, mobile insurance, breakdown cover and home emergency cover for £15 a month. So me those would be true benefits


Free lounge access for airports
Virtual cards that are disposable
Travel insurance (must be worldwide and include winter sports)
Expensify support


I think curve has missed a trick here in trying to emulate American Express in their bid to make Curve Amex compatible. The new Curve Metal is almost like a really really watered down Amex Gold card. I think had they improved the cashback reward scheme (albeit even setting a cap for maximum cashback earned per month), gave greater limits on Amex use and developed some innovative in-app fintech such as rounding up expenses to either save or invest and virtual cards they would have an even greater product on their hands. I very much suspect that after the initial wave of sign ups of people wanting a metal card purely for its aesthetics, the card will loose its appeal as it does not really offer value for money in an already crowded packaged bank account market.


It would appear you keep the reward scheme you’re on before you upgrade.

What will happen to my Rewards/Cashback programme?

You’ll stay on your current programme. New customers signing up will have access to the 90 days introductory offer.

We are working on enabling you to spend your Rewards/Cashback points again, this is on the top of our priority list. You will be able earn points in the meanwhile.


I joined Curve and agreed to pay the £50 lifetime fee to enjoy Black Card Benefits.

Why are you making me and other early adopters second class customers by limiting our benefits??

I am assuming you are not offering future customers/partners this deal??

Why are you penalising your supportive long term customers. I feel extremely disappointed, this is the first negative since agreeing to support your venture, sad!!


What exactly do you mean by that? As legacy black member (grandfathered) you will have the same exact features as you always had before subscription launched and you don’t have to pay a monthly fee.


Not exactly @Lucas , many of us joined when Amex was accepted but now we will have to pay to use it on ‘legacy’.


We had that discussion quite a few times already here in the forum. Fact is, the former AmEx feature was discontinued for reasons outside of Curve’s control and the new AmEx wallet is a total different feature.
People who signed up when the original AmEx feature was available all received some sort of reimbursement for their “loss”


It wasn’t discontinued, we were told they were working to get it back!!


Out of interest, what was the reimbursement? I don’t remember receiving anything. I may have missed it.


Hi Lucas

Unless we early adopters enjoy the evolving benefits associated with being a Curve member, then we eventually lose out… We took out life membership of the Black Card, not the renamed Legacy/Grandfather class.

Curve has proven successful and the founding members/customers/colleagues should retain the evolving benefits. I accept and understand that Curve is Commercially entitled to change the T&C’s for new customers.

Unless I am mistaken, you are offering 3 months then a return to the current state???


I think the economics of the card for people that primarily use it to get American Express rewards at more retailers should be improved. I wrote up my thoughts here: At what point do the American Express wallets pay off the subscription and wallet costs? When do they become profitable? How profitable?

But I can sum it up like this: you’re going to be earning less rewards than you would with a traditional cashback card, unless you are using the Curve Metal card and spending over £22.5k (at £15k you pay off the card), are using the card to hit spending targets (e.g. to earn a 2-in-1 voucher) or are using the card to get reward points from paying bills (e.g. HMRC Self Assessment, etc).


At the risk of being controversial, doesn’t the Curve card significantly increase the usability of an American Express card?

I ask only in that much of the discussion, around Curve benefits as they apply to Amex, seems to denigrate the offering. But then, I’m no Amex user…:smirk:


Yes, but some users want to have free AmEx top up with Curve :wink: