What are your limits?

Just curious, what have you got?

Monthly options:

  • <£5000/month
  • £5000-£9999/month
  • £10000-£19999/month
  • £20000-£49999/month
  • £50000-£99999/month
  • £100000/month+

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Yearly options

  • <£5000/year
  • £5000-£9999/year
  • £10000-£19999/year
  • £20000-£49999/year
  • £50000-£99999/year
  • £100000-£249999/year
  • £250000-£499999/year
  • £500000-£999999/year
  • £1000000-£1399999/year
  • £1400000+

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£500,000 a year

No way I’d spend that much but then again…

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I had to max out £20k/month first then they upped from £50k pa to £500k pa and even then they refused to go to £1.4m.

Many people have to go via £100k pa too. Did you ask or was it automatic?

For how long have you being using the curve card?

I incorrectly answered annual, which should be £50k, not £20k.

As an aside, I think polls like this tend to give a closer read on distribution when the brackets are, e.g.


i.e. ending in the round amount. YMMV.

Yeah I agree. I realised too late to edit it.