What are you doing with the money and time Curve frees up for you?


Hi! I am the Head of Marketing of Curve and I am obsessed with understanding our customers (or potential customers!) insights, ideas, proposals, questions.

I’d like to ask a question to kickstart our discussion: Curve gives you peace of mind as it allows you convenience and simple control of your money. What will you be doing more of (or less of) because of that?

Looking forward to hearing from you!


I use Curve for business and personal expenses. Everytime I purchase something online in a different currency and I use my regular (backup) cards, I do not know the final amount charged in my home currency. When I use Curve, I know exactly what the final charged amount is. This way I save a lot of time since I can fill out my balance sheet for expenses already instead of waiting several days to post on my regular card and then filling out the expenses sheet.


I use my Curve card to pay my business taxes on a credit card without paying HMRCs extortionate charges for business credit cards.

Curve does save me money and improves cash flow, both of which are important for me as a small business owner.

Sadly, Curve doesn’t save me time. The tax bills I pay are greater than the daily limit on my curve card meaning I am forced to make multiple payments on the HMRC website over successive days.

I understand that the limits are in place to mitigate risk, but surely paying HMRC (or any government branch) could have higher limits without increasing risk.


My hobby is collecting loyalty points. Curve helps me to manage the targeted spends for some of my cards. I have a finite budget, so the savings on FX fees when travelling is a bonus.


Sometimes in a rush, I pick out the wrong card to pay for items with, and having many in my wallet means there’s time wasted looking for the right one. Using Curve, I do not have to worry about picking out the right card as it is just one card and if I have want to change the card I paid with, I can easily do so after I’ve left the shop. So much less stress!


Completely love the curve card! Think the rewards are great, and build up over time, and the go back in time feature has been helpful. Like the above, I’m mainly a airline/hotel points collector - so just can’t wait for Amex functionality to return


I have 5 bank accounts with cards in three different EU countries.
This Curve card just saves my life :blush: