We've launched Google Pay

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No, I just received one.
I am from the Netherlands (and a customer for quite a while), not sure if you get a UK BIN when you order a Curve card now as a new Dutch Customer.
But I am quite certain that all new German customers will automatically get a Curve Card with a German BIN when they order one and all ‘recent’ German customers will also have received a Curve Card with a German BIN.

I am just not certain yet how things work. So below is just speculation. My guess is that Curve only has cards with country specific BINs for a couple of countries (those countries where Curve offers subscription Black?). If you don’t live in one of these countries you receive (or until recently have received?) a Curve card with a UK BIN?

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Same i got the UK bin too in Denmark
And some site block the card and say my address are not an UK address and block the translation
Steam do that, so i just use paypal, no problem

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After reading a bit it seems you need a card with UK bin.
Your card must be 5375 9000. If it’s 9020 it will not work

Aree google pay using the same limit as the card?
Spending limit
Currency exchange limit

53759120 works for me.

Most likely because 53759120 is also a UK BIN, where 53759020 is a German BIN. Check BINs here (for example).

Yes, obviously. People keep stating that only cards with a 53759000 BIN will work with GPay, which is incorrect.

Especially as mine starts with those numbers but doesn’t work!

Not working at all for 5375 9100

Are you in the UK?

Yes I am.

hmm, thats strange.

Can you show any errors you’ve faced?

What is the advantage of using the card via google pay compared to the card contacless directly? Other than convinience and maybe some added security?

If the machine make a double translation
You will have to work to get the refund
With google pay, token authentication, is not possible to make 2 payment

You will have your card in your watch
In case you forget your wallet

You don’t need to insert the card in the terminal aftera amount of using
You will not be asked for pin, regarding the size of the translation

With google pay, you can have your card, membership cards, hotel, store card, gym card
Or any card you may have
In 1 place
Just click on the name of the store, then google pay suggest the card in the notification bar, and tap your phone
Alot easier instead of, first use your membership card in the terminal, then take you card pay, enter your pincode then the amount is high
And even sometimes the terminal ask you to use chip

And with google pay, none will be able to see your pincode from your card, since your didint use it

You will be able to use your card, incase you forget your pincode


Security and convenience are quite central topics for selecting a payment method, don’t you think?

Yes indeed, just making sure I’m not missing something :slight_smile:

My card starts 5375 9000 but I can’t set up contactless payments in Google play. I am on an Hauwei Mate 20 Pro, android 9, emui 9.1.0.

I was able to add the card but contactless would fail and says I need to contact my card issuer. Today I tried again and I can’t even add the card before being able to setup contactless.

I get to the terms and conditions page and press accept but then get the failed message (attached).

Are you sure you’re typing the correct CVC number?