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I’m in France but I was able to add my card on Google pay. But now it says that my card is blocked on google pay and that I have to contact curve (but my card is not locked in the curve app). Does any one have the same issue ?

Hi, just wondering is there any update on getting Curve functionality on Google Pay outside of the UK?

Or with Samsung Pay?

Need all the help we can get in the contactless era!




Can anyone who has a Curve Metal card confirm if Google Pay works outside the UK? Since receiving my Investor card Google Pay does not allow me to pay using NFC.


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Hey guys!

Firstly, @RoscoT welcome to the Community, glad to have you here :blush: We’re continuing to work on making Google Pay / Samsung Pay available to all customers, in all EEA countries. Bear with us!


I’m in Sweden, adding my card to Google Pay worked but every time I try to pay it says “please insert card”. Weird, one would expect it to work or not at all.

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I live in France, my previous black tiers did not work on Gpay Spay. I moved on metal and with new card received I do confirm it is now working on Gpay Spay. I am using it everyday.


Thanks Will!

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What BIN does your card have? Do you get DCC when paying in stores?

Mine is 5375 90.
In France I usually don’t get DCC in store, sometimes in BNP and Société Générale ATMs

Is it 53759000 or other?

It is a 5375 9005 I don’t know if it should match with France

All Curve BIN numbers:

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Nice, thank you. :+1: Based on that my card should have got Czech BIN number, but it has got UK number (even the investor card issued few weeks ago). :man_shrugging: At least I can add it to Google Pay… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The more bank cards are available in Google Pay, the less I use Curve card.
What a pity… it was a great idea…


What do I do wrong? My card’s Bin code is 53759000 … Google Pay refuses to set up touch payment. I get this message from Curve “Declined. Try another card to complete the transaction.” Behind the Curve is a Revolut card that always has money.

Yes, I’ve expirienced the same stuff 2 days ago at LIDL.
Then I tried to pay via the post-terminal by using my physical Curve card (changed the Revolut card to Raiffeisenbank card) and I saw the same message on the post-terminal: transaction declined .

Google Pay contactless still unable to activate for some Curve users, even that it should work. Support says it’s a known bug, but when will it be fixed? It has been a problem for many months now.

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Hey guys,

@Kitsi welcome to the Community! I’d recommend that both you and @rovelist get in touch with our support team so they can check your account. There’s a few difference reasons why you might not be able to add your card so it’s best if our team can take a look.

As @RA1has mentioned, there is also an issue that’s preventing some users from adding their cards. Our engineers are working on it right now but we can’t confirm an exact timeframe for the fix. I’ll make sure to keep on top of this for you guys and report back if I get an update.

I am all good now!
Gpay & Curve (& behind it Revolut & Transferwise) working again!
Curve support did the trick.

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I totally agree it still has some case uses but I use it less and less. Just because I still carry my Amex and Maestro for aboard, plus Curve plus back up card. So I have 4 plastic cards in my wallet the rest are on Apple/Google Pay. I also asked myself how many cards do I actually use answer is not a lot of them often enough so why should I use Curve?

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