We've launched Google Pay

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Yes, location is enabled for Google Pay.

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This is a legacy glitch. I suspect most of you are on our legacy programme. Customer Support will be able to correct it for you :smile:

If your Curve card is locked in your Curve app you cannot use it in GPay :slight_smile:

Just received the new update but I still can not add my 5375 9000 card to GPay. Iam from Germany

Are you in the UK? Unfortunately Google Pay is only officially launched in the UK - some cards with those BINs seem to be working elsewhere but I think they only support resolving issues for those with UK accounts.

Well, I’ve never had legacy black afaik.

Never had a black card

Ah OK - that explains it in my case. Not that fussed so won’t bother support about it!

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It explained my case too, but it did bother me enough to raise a support request, and they kindly fixed it (simply opening GPay after the support confirmation updated the image) so thanks @Curve_Marie

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Any idea IF or WHEN GPay will be extended to all EU countries?


Works just fine in Luxembourg :slight_smile: I have a 5375 9000 card as well.

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It’s a matter of when, not if :slight_smile: We don’t have a timeline for it yet.

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Well,i added the card to G pay successfully.but It requires me to call the bank to verify it. Probably not working.

Romania , it works, with the underlying card not Supporting GPay . Actually GPay is not available in my country .

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Same situation as @Ritchepeach, it is asking me to call the the number to verify, instead of a SMS.

@gsioul Can you confirm that after a reset of your phone, for you as a non-UK resident, also GooglePay (next to Samsung pay) does not work for you anymore.
What is your card bin? 5375 9000?

Neither Google Pay, nor Samsung Pay works. My bin is in fact 5375 9000.

Thanks for letting me know. In that case I might refuse my Investor (Red) card, even when it has a 5375 9000 bin. Because there is a chance that I, as a non-UK resident, will not be able to add it to GooglePay.

Thanks from pressing them to resolve this as soon as possible. If it’s not much trouble let us know how they responded and if they offered you an “exception” from the rule…

Same problem here. After using GPAY for more than a month flawlessly here in Bulgaria, today i got an update do android 10 and made a hard reset. Now GPAY can’t add my card for contactless payments. I’ve tried to:

  • delete the card and add it again
  • delete the payment profile and create it again
  • add the card from the web
    Nothing helps…