We've launched 3DS!

Thank you. The last couple of times it’s gone through ok though I’ve never been directed to the app. Waiting to see what happens


@Curve_Marie Does the 3DS support include support för 3DS1 as well as 3DS2? For example if a merchant/payments processor enforces 3DS but hasn’t migrated to 3DS2 yet?

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@Curve_Marie My card (5375 9000… ) also doesn’t receive the 3DS prompt and therefore I can’t connect it to our local payment system (MobilePay). Anything you can do to fix it?

@Curve_Marie @pjleonmartin my card also failed in several 3DS transactions through Redsys(Spanish banks payment gateway)
I’ve had troubles to pay in Burger king, Cajamar and la Caixa

Hope you can solve it soon
I’ve also contacted support several times regarding this issue

Emailed support however been ignored, not great.
5375 9120 does not have 3d enabled, same retailer underlying card works curve does not.