We've launched 3DS!

Ok, that’s interesting! It would be useful then, to add an option to disable online shopping for security reasons.

But I got the notification on the App and I approved it :thinking: But of course I will try again and I will reach out to them to see if they can have a look. Is the support@imaginecurve.com mailbox or any other?


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That’s correct, contact them!

It’s lovely that we have 3DS in Curve, but there’s one quite important detail that is missing in my opinion. Imagine that I pay online and am redirected to app to confirm the purchase. I think at this point Curve should still give an option to change the underlying card, because if I notice that I have the wrong card only at that point, I have to cancel the purchase and go with it again after changing my card.

I imagine something more similar to the Go Back in Time prompt; you can either cancel it completely or choose the right card.


this is awesome, so many merchants annoy you because your card doesn’t support 3DS, glad to see curve covering this.



Interesting! Could you please elaborate? In which cases do you turn it off? :smiley:

Thank you @JesusM, we really appreciate you taking the time to give us feedback :smile: Yes, you can use support@imaginecurve.com.

@Pawel - your suggestion has been forwarded to the team :muscle::sunglasses:

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In case of card cloning. Let’s say it’s an extra level of security!

Great plus for Curve :partying_face:

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Both my husband (metal) and I (blue) are having horrendous issues with this. Do transaction - asks us to go to app and log in to confirm - log in app - nothin goes !!!
Done numerous messages to curve - they take ages to respond.
Can no longer rely on Curve - unfortunately will cancel metal after 6 months and advise all friends/ colleagues to avoid Curve - no customer support when needed !!

Do you have the latest version of the app?

How do I check that? Just been into App Store. Pressed open - went straight to my app. Nothing changed

It doesn’t work for me. The app version is 3.4.5

I’m not happy with that. I used allways curve because bypass the securcode who spend so much time. And i don’t like the in app notification. I don’t want to be dipendent of my phone because i allways break it so i stay without. How i can confirm withouth having the phone? I hope curve let disable this feature or let send a code via email cause i use computer and 8 times of 10 my phone is broken so i dont have it

You can’t confirm without your phone.

They can’t let you disable 3DS and it’ll soon be mandatory for all or almost all online transactions so you won’t have much of a choice.

An email or sms is not as secure as in-app confirmation so I doubt they’ll go towards a less secure authentication after introducing a more secure one.


Are you serious? You use Curve card without the app? Cause the app is not available anywhere but on your phone. So you don’t switch the underlying card? What’s the point of Curve like that?

Maybe this would be a good moment to consider taking care of that mobile phone…


But not all people have a smartphone and if mine get broken(usually i have broken 8 months on 12) so i stay 8 months etc withouth a smartphone. I think i will cancel my curve subscription. I don’t like new services. It get more difficult to operare. I chose curve to bypass OTP and other card who require a app for confirming. Now my bank switched to sms OTP who are better and don’t require internet connection or a modern phone.

Very bad move.

What is a “underlying card”?
As i mentioned Before i use mainly computer. Phone are slow and not confortable for me for working and make online transaction. I prefere pc, who are better and bigger. And phones are too fragile so it break continuosly. I dont have much money(my parents give me 2€ on saturday) so buying or fixing a phone is very expensive so i use classics phone

Also i think a bank can’t oblidge his customers to get a phone if they don’t need it. I use phone only for calling/sms

You don’t know what I mean by underlying card? You have any idea what the premise of Curve is? Somehow I think most banks and financial services are not particularly designed to deal with clients with a weekly allowance of €2.

I guess Curve card is really wasted on you…

I don’t know what mean “underlying” i re-read the message and i understood. I use curve because my card is consumed and dosent have contactless and the other card had in the past 3DS verificato by app and the app is only for iphone.

Secondary, who are you for judje me? Curve is free and dont watch if i have 2€ inbound entrance!

It wasn’t a judgement. Just an observation. Most banks and financial services are designed to make as much money as possible. That’s easier off higher amounts.

I understand now that you use Curve to be able to pay contactless, because your ‘underlying’ card doesn’t support it. Nothing wrong with that.

Anyway, for most of us the 3D Secure in-app confirmation chosen by Curve makes a lot of sense. You do need mobile data or (public) WiFi access, just like for e-mail, and most of us manage that.

Especially when traveling abroad, roaming or using a local SIM card, in-app confirmation is way more reliable and safe compared to sms.