Wearable (e.g. ring, wristband)

Now THERE’S a solution looking for a problem, if ever I saw one :flushed:

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I also suggest reusable coffee cup with build-in NFC Curve card Reusable coffee cup with build-in NFC card

So… how’s the reusable bit of this work out, @pawelnyczaj?

I mean something similar to this Costa Coffee cup with NFC chip https://www.which.co.uk/news/2018/12/costa-coffee-launches-first-ever-contactless-payment-reusable-cup/

I see it’s from December 2018

How did it go them ?

Wouldn’t it be great if Curve card was available in a wristband form?

It could be a great low tech substitute for a Google/Apple/Garmin/Fitbit Pay smartwatch for people that do not want, need or are dissatisfied with current offer of battery-powered wearables, or their bank does not support their preferred ecosystem.

I almost always pay with my phone (don’t have a smartwatch) but carry Curve card as a backup. However if Curve was available on my wrist I would use it instead.

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Now THIS I could live with. Like the idea of not requiring the user to shell out for a smart phone.

I’ll take one, thanks. :grinning:

You can already vote for that here:

Thanks, @poeliev - moved!

Can the topic be renamed to “Ring/wristband/wearable” please?

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Tweaked :wink:

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I would be super keen for this. I have pingit loop on my watch which acts like a prepayment card. If I could get a mini curve card in the sim card size slot in the loop I could have all my cards on my wrist

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