Wearable (e.g. ring, wristband)

Now THIS I could live with. Like the idea of not requiring the user to shell out for a smart phone.

I’ll take one, thanks. :grinning:

You can already vote for that here:

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Can the topic be renamed to “Ring/wristband/wearable” please?

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I would be super keen for this. I have pingit loop on my watch which acts like a prepayment card. If I could get a mini curve card in the sim card size slot in the loop I could have all my cards on my wrist

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I was wondering if there are any plans to release a NFC payment ring like https://mykring.com/en/ with Curve. It seems like a killer feature to me. Then again it could just be me…

You can vote for it here:


£5 annual fee from year 2
£5 account closure fee
3% on foreign transactions

Hell no!

@Gaoler I’m not suggesting Curve hook up with MyKRing and charge those fees. I was just using the tech as an example…

@poeliev Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Everything looks very well covered above… I’ll search harder next time.

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a band would be great, as would a neck tag

I love the idea of the Fidesmo Vivokey that acts similarly to Apple Pay in that it combines NFC with biometric/bionic identification, authentication and authorization. I don’t care whether it’s injected or incised. Isn’t it remarkable for a guy who’s so far resisted tattoos and piercings…

it would be a very nice feature if curve would work together with Fidesmo


I’m visiting this thread after a long time. I use my Mclear payment ring all the time, moreso now than my curve card. After the initial one-off payment to purchase the ring, there are no futher charges. The only mildly inconvenient downside is having to top-up the ring. Sure one can set automatic top-ups in the apps, but I prefer to switch between cards etc.

The ring work likes a charm. Probably one of my favourite tech purchases. It would be great if Curve could make a similar wearable, I have a watch already so not a wristband (ring, hint hint), that could be linked up to the Curve app and have access to the wallet. That way you don’t have to worry about topping up and can easily switch between cards to use.

I’d wear the shit out of a Curve Ring, honestly. But I know it’s a hard ask as wearables like that are not quite common or easy to issue in other countries.

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Not sure if you are an Apple Watch, Garmin or FitBit user, but is there an advantage to using the McLEAR ring? As far as I can see, I would consider it a disadvantage as it is less secure and there is no biometric authentication. Am I right? This means that if someone where to steel your ring they could use it to pay for items, as well as you having to remember your PIN now for each card?

I used to use a smartwatch for payments, and have even used my phone to the same. But the whole twisting of the wrist can get a little cumbersome albiet this may be a minor inconvenience. Also, I bought a hybrid watch because the smartwatch was too distracting personally. I’d argue having a ring on your hand which doesn’t look too fancy is less likely to be a security issue than say for instance a watch / phone when it comes to getting mugged. The ring also acts like other contactless cards in that you need to open the app after a certain number of payments, like you have to enter the pin when using card payments.

If your ring is lost, you can turn off like any other card through the app. And sorry I didn’t quite get your point about having to remember your pin for each card.

I recently bought a ring from German or Austrian company Laks. It links directly to my dutch ABN AMRO bank account Maestro card. The company sells a whole range of wearables. Curve might wanna contact them to see whether a link with Curve is possible…

Laks wearables

Yeah, it would be great to have the ring link to a specific card / account and not top-up. That’s the only mild down-side. Everything else works great.

That’s how it is with ABN AMRO. I ordered the ring, provided ABN AMRO wearable info that they imprinted in the ring, they shipped it, I activated it in ABN AMRO.

It functions just like the ABN AMRO Maestro card. In fact it even shares the Maestro card PIN. So no need to remember another PIN…