Wearable (e.g. ring, wristband)

I would be more than happy to pilot such Fintech innovation, (this kind of stuff is literally only around in Europe)

I’ve no qualms with using that technology just for payments so long as it implements tokenization and has no card number (I don’t want to have to get it taken out every 4 years to have a new one implanted)

I can, make someone pay for it. If it needs some sort of authentication we could probably use it as effectively as Apple/Google Pay (no contactless limits) even. (For instance you scan your hand and it has to detect pressure from the skin or blood in your body or something)

Actually @Curve_Marie if you guys could integrate with fidesmo Pay it looks like we could use it from day of release, although this would be limited to android only

I hope she is! @Graham

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Why not @Graham? It’s a very juicy idea :slight_smile: imagine you forget your wallet, ring etc and your phone dies, you’re stranded in the middle of London.

You tap your hand and maybe enter a PIN, you’re home.

Just to be clear, are you suggesting “wearables” or “implants” would align with Curve’s mission?

I like the wearables idea. But not INSIDE the body :scream:

Sometimes sci-fi is just that … sci-fi !


That post was before implants were introduced to the conversation :laughing: The added convenience would be in line with Curve’s mission as we want to simplify your finances :smiley:

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My Spanish bank (Imaginbank, CaixaBank) offers free wristbands, with a small Visa card inside.

The card information is included in the bank app, which makes it possible to add the card to Curve.


Other Spanish banks, like Santander, offer similar bands.


The only wearable that makes sense to me is a ring or any of the systems that work with smartwatches (eg Apple Pay). Wristbands and the like are a bit gaudy. If I’m going to add another wearable item to what I’ve got (Apple Watch), then I want it to be very minimal.

So: I would suggest Curve continues to pursue Apple Pay and the like with full vigour, and if it explores other wearable payment methods stick to rings.


My Leupay appli does offer some wearable too, their Key Ring seems to be the best for a daily use. But i doesn’t have subscribed. for the moment. Pat.

Indeed. Personally it has to be something that people are already willing to wear - and that’s doing to be a watch, ring or bracelet.

Plastic wristbands are just those things that everyone despises having to wear at events…

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I love the idea of a band/watch wrap like PingIt (previously bPay)

These bracelets?



1st one looks nice, not fussed on the others. What company does them?


I guess they can make custom ones for Curve.



I would love a ring or implant for my curve would make like much more minimal.

Nooooo :scream:

A moment of pain for years of convenience, I don’t know doesn’t sound so bad…

Well, that’s one way of looking at it :flushed:

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I’m getting a Pingit Loop Pingit Loop which should at least enable me to top up from Curve then use the device for contactless transactions by attaching it to my watch. A bit messy but it’ll have to do. The small payment card is removable from the device and once the card has been dissolved with appropriate solvent the chip could be removed and prepared for implant if you’re really keen.

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I have both the Kerv ring (mastercard) and Mclear ring (Visa) which are both pre-paid rings. The latter works a lot better than the former. The app is much better compared to the online web interface of the Kerv ring.

People ask what’s the point of it? It is a lot more convenient. I don’t have to take out my wallet, or my phone or need to twist my arm around to touch a watch on the terminal / oyster card reader. I can literally put my fist on the terminal and it’s all done.

It would be great if Curve could create a ring which allows you to add cards as it already does, and use it through the app. That would be amazing!

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Is there anything (other than the app) that makes McLear better? I have Kerv, but don’t see a reason to replace it with McLear. The one thing I’m missing from Kerv is the ability to obtain the CVV so I can add it to my TfL account - can you do this with McLear?

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