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What happens if you don’t update? I don’t want a trial. Just want legacy black. With the higher atm limits abroad. Is the new app a universal app?

It’s a shame the cashback has ended. If metal was .5% cashback on everything then i’d consider changing as I could spend enough to offset the fee.

Also metal should be double the black atm. Talk about mimicking revolut


Can’t believe I have had zero response to question on how long the ‘limited time’ is that legacy black can upgrade to metal and get 2 free months.

Have asked on 2 threads here and via 2 different ticket methods.

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Hi. Given the current situation, we will take time to reassess the timelines for this.
Originally it was going to be 2 weeks, it might still be the case.


Thanks @Curve_Alejandro, are we going to get notification of this?

I want to upgrade, but main drive is the lounge access, and no point me paying until it’s ready…


Yes, we will notify all Black cardholders of the imminent expiry of the promotional upgrade window via email.

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Then I would take metal for 15 - 8.5 £ without Amex