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I’d also like a card with a 10% cashback and a Porsche for the price of a VW Golf. But it won’t happen. You cannot expect from a company to sell you a product with a heavy loss for them on a long time basis. As you mentioned you work in retail, you should understand that.


Asking on here (already asked on Metal Launch post), as this may be better forum for the query;

As a Legacy Black user, who just upgraded app, I am now on the 3 free months of New Black.

Can I wait till the end of this 3 months, then upgrade to Metal (thus triggering move to subscription), and still get the 2 free months on Metal? Or, do we need to trigger upgrade to Metal within a timeline to get those 2 free months?

@Curve_Marie could you possibly advise, please?


Not entirely an apples to apples comparison there. I’ve not suggested anywhere they lose money to offer me a product - also, many companies do sell products at a loss for extended periods of time as loss-leaders. Besides, there are other prices they can offer that include less features. Considering I pay for my Amex card, it’s fair to say I’m willing to pay a price for what I get - and my personal value equation for the Curve subscription comes out negative.


But you did ask them to lose money for your own benefit:


Not correct, that’s twisting what I’ve said to suit your argument. Curve earns revenue through interchange, part of which they pass on to Amex for their cards. They’ve clearly included the cost of provisioning Amex in their £9.99 a month, alongside the various insurances. So there is a price in there somewhere that they can set between 0 and £9.99 that would include £1000 worth of Amex usage without the insurances. That’s the price I’d be willing to pay, and I’d estimate it to be £3-4 which is the value I’d be prepared to pay. I could be wrong, but that is my preferred pricing.


The interchange for Amex is higher though, while MasterCard debit cards have their interchange rate capped at 0.2%.


@Lucas Not that Curve was averse to receiving the commercial Mastercard interline fee during its period of issuing solely commercial cards (and partly now too): not too different from Amex rates, in my submission.


Well, only capped for personal debit cards; on commercial debit cards, which are still issued by Curve, the interline fee can be higher (up to 2.5%). And BTW, this is higher than the fee AMEX is rolling out in its new agreements for restaurants (down to 1.9% now).


It’s my understanding that the co-branded Amex cards are now capped at 0.3% just like Visa and MasterCard.


I’ve said that the £1000 worth of Amex usage would come at a price of £6.50 based on their current price in the blue tier. Having the other £3.50 make up the loss of revenue from foreign exchange fees, additional costs of ATM withdrawals and the insurance package seems about right since these would be seldom used features.

My guess is that their costs are probably at or above the 0.65% charge they’re passing along which is fair enough. Unfortunately the value you derive from it is lower than their price.


@Curve_Marie @curvebot anyone able to advise, please?


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Hi all. I’m a curve early adopter and heavy user. I travel a LOT, and I’m currently in Thailand for a while, heading to Vietnam next week. I use curve as my main way of getting cash and paying for anything whilst travelling, so anything changing makes me very nervous, because if my curve card stops working, I can’t get cash out, or can’t go back in time, I could be screwed.

Question - I’ve seen the emails and posts about the new app, subscriptions, etc, and I haven’t updated yet because I’m very worried that I’ll lose some functionality. Should I update? I’m barely scraping a living out here at the moment (starting up a tech firm in the UK and not drawing any money from it) so I can’t afford a subscription.


You don’t have to update right now.
When you update, you will be automatically migrated to the subscription model, which will come with a free trial. Your current card will still work and you won’t receive a new one unless you chose to upgrade to Metal within the app or downgrade to Blue.
But if you just update, nothing will change to your current physical card.
Some users have reported updating issues, which should be fixed with version Android 2.1.3
The curve support team is currently very busy due to the recent changes of the AmEx wallet feature.

If you do upgrade, you’ll also receive the AXA insurance which is free during the trial, so that might be good for you while traveling.
If you don’t need it, then there is no harm by not upgrading as of right now, you can keep on using your current version to the day its not working anymore :wink:


The updated version is quite buggy and the UI is worse. Personally, I would stick with the old version whilst you’re travelling.


Thanks. So if I understand correctly:

  • I can stay as I am until some undefined date in the future when something might stop working.
  • I can update the app, and I’ll be forced to choose whether to upgrade (seems pointless, I don’t use Amex, it doesn’t work anyway, and I have travel insurance because I’m not crazy :slight_smile: ), or I can “downgrade” to stay on the card that I’m using, which presumably means I lose my existing (fairly high) ATM limits and stuff.

Frankly, this seems like the beginning of the end for Curve.


Your limits won’t be affected by downgrading


Oh, that’s cool, but are you sure? My limits were increased from the standard ones…


Limits are related to your spending history and behaviour, not related to what subscription you have


Good man. Thanks for the clarification!