We are Rebranding!

While the rebrand was disappointing, the stubborn response to loud and clear user feedback is even more so.

It doesn’t bode well for the future unfortunately if the immediate reaction is to close ranks rather than listen and engage.

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Yes, I don’t think the rebrand using such language or the tube posters will appeal to potential customers in the UK.

In fact, it reminds me of a comment the Curve CEO made before the fundraising - namely that he had learned that some things which work in Israel don’t work in the UK.

And I would say the use of such language is another example of this. I can actually see it working in somewhere like Israel but not here . I can’t speak about other EU countries but from comments here, it sounds as if the UK is not alone in this view.

It would be interesting to know the age demographic and nationalities of the marketing team responsible for this rebranding exercise.


Is this a tacit admission everyone else was right all along?

Ha, if that’s how it is to be read…

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Check out the latest campaign here: Brand Campaign - Nov 2019

Moving my comment regarding the first batch of rebranding back here:

Thanks for refreshing this thread, by the way, I wanted to weigh in earlier, but it got lost somewhere in here. Anyway, referring to the previous posts:

I’m definitely late to the party here, but here’s my suggestion:

  • Curve Blue → Curve Free, Curve Zero or Curve Start
    Free is pretty straightforward, Zero has that edgy bit Curve is apparently looking into right now, but I think Start is my favorite. It doesn’t seem too obvious and implies it’s the best offering for new users (for growth purposes), but immediately suggests there’s more tiers worth discovering.

  • Curve Black → Curve Premium, Curve Standard(?),
    This one is definitely the hardest to rename, because it’s hard to define what the Black offering actually was/is. It’s not the most high-end plan, neither is it a tier for everyone. In my opinion it has something I call the iPhone XR syndrome. Someone willing to pay that much (10 pounds a month IS a lot) for a financial service is probably also willing to pay for more privileges (aka Metal). No clear winner here, but Premium makes sense (it worked with Revolut). Naming the Black “the Standard tier” would be interesting too, because it would shift the perception of some people to it (everyone wants to have the standard product, after all). By the way, naming a paid tier “standard” is not that uncommon, Twisto did it in Czechia.

  • Curve Metal → Curve Metal, Curve Pro, Curve World
    Will the Curve Metal card remain metal? I hope so, because it definitely should. If that’s the case, you probably shouldn’t rename this tier at all. Everybody in the fintech field knows what a “metal card” is and there’s no need to change that. You could also consider naming it Pro in a very Apple-esque manner. They call everything “Pro” now and people fall for that. Curve World is something I included here, because it would highlight that it’s a Mastercard World Elite card, but even I think it’s not the best idea.

The first ones were too messy, but first and foremost TOO LOUD. I don’t want my financial services to be loud, bold, and edgy, but simple, convenient, and reliable. The second batch of ads is way better, as I mentioned above, because they’re informative.

I’m not sure if I will comment on that one, even though many people discussed that here. It also seems to me that rebranding shouldn’t have been a priority, but it already happened, so I’ll just focus on what we can make out of it.

Oh yes. Curve, you’re not a teenager, you’re a financial institution. One more modern and innovative than others, but still a financial institution. Don’t use these words, please, they’re cringey.

It’s one thing to be fun, other to desperately try to be fun. I’m not the only one to notice that, though, so I’ll leave it at that. I think the Community’s response was clear :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

However, I can see that now Curve again slowly moves towards more conservative messaging, which is a right direction to follow. Keep it up!

+1, it would make discussion more open and constructive

+1 as well, kinda bad timing to introduce the rebrand after the crowdfunding round. I wanted a red card as something extra, but whatever.

+1 again, nothing to add here, that’s what imagine Curve like

Exactly. Curve has a “God Damn Time Machine”. Umm, cool, but maybe tell us what it actually is? Go Back in Time is a great and an unique feature and deserves to be described as such.

To sum it up, I really hope the team understood what could be wrong with the campaign and will move it towards the better. IMO the whole concept is not that bad, but the whole branding still needs some polishing. Can’t wait to see the results!


Useful insight, @Pawel, and may I say the Magna Carta was shorter than your post :smiley:

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Haha, yeah :grin: sometimes it’s hard for me to be precise, English is not my native language and sometimes I feel like I’m going in circles. Good to know you found my post useful, though, thanks!

Impressive usage, dear chap, and if they feel like circles, then they’re very articulate circles :slightly_smiling_face:

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