Virtual cards support

Use case for a virtual card
Would be online, where you could say allow the next payment, and the card will lock after the next time
Or allow payment for 5 min, to avoid it get locked then google chrome check the card
And the store maybe make a check on the card

After 5 min the card will lock, and allow the payment that was done in that periode
And if the site leak payment info or hacked
You get a notification, your card was used on X blocked
And you will be able to mark it insecure and make a new one
To prevent the situation where your card is overcharged, and you need to work to get it refunded
Or need an entire new card

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I agree. We need virtual cards for security reasons. I use Revolut for that and it works great

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Any progress with virtual cards? Do you work also on adding disposable virtual cards?

It’s been a year… any update?

Yes, we are currently working on it :smiley: Curve Product Update January 2020