Using the Curve app on multiple devices

Why not allow to use the app on more than 1 device?
Like use the app on your phone and tablet for convenience

Revolut, banks, allow that

I am another person with two phones (two iPhones in my case, one personal and one for work - probably a very common use-case)…

Curve App is installed on both, but as mentioned by others it’s not possible to use the app on both without signing out on the other and having to reset passcodes etc. This is unlike all of my bank and credit card mobile apps which work on two devices whilst featuring appropriate security measures.

I had got used to essentially just using the Curve App on one of the phones but was reminded of this issue today when I had to sign-in/out of both phones to add Curve card to Apple Pay on each device! :slight_smile:

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+1 for multiple devices.

Tecnically should not be very difficult and it’s not unsecure at all.

I have just started with Curve, and I have two iPhones. To be honest just being able to use Curve on one device is no use to me.

3 phones

2 phones and iPad, no probs being logged in on all with HSBC, Monzo etc