Using the Curve app on multiple devices

Hey. In the past I’ve been able to have the Curve app running on multiple devices; i.e iPhone, Android phone and iPad. However, lately I have had to choose on device. Is this a recent changes? I’d like to be able to have Curve at more than one device in case my primary device get stolen and just for the added convinience.


Hey! For security, you can only be logged into your Curve account on one device at at time so if you log in using a device, it will log you out of any other devices you may have been logged into.

What security improvement does it give over a page saying where you are logged in?

It certainly reduces functionality.

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Oh dear, sounds like a backwards step…

This avoids a case where you’ve lost a device and having gotten into another person’s possession, they would not be able to access your app.

Although given biometric security has now been implemented that hopefully shouldn’t be an issue?

If I’ve lost my device I’m pretty confident that my passcode will protect my financial apps in the short-term.

On top of that if someone is stealing my phone they’re probably much more interested in wiping it ASAP so they can sell it for cash as quickly as possible, rather than having a marker that says “stolen” on the IMEI