Update: Metal Subscriptions & Cancellation


I can see where you are coming from @Sharka, and your assessment of the legal position may well be correct. Personally I’d rather not get into any sort of legal dispute with Curve, especially as they have the means to debit most of the cards I own without my express permission!
The way I view it is Curve are creating a rod for their own back by imposing any sort of deadline, because by so doing they are pretty much forcing their customers to reach a ‘do I revert/stay/leave’ decision within their self-imposed time-frame. OK, if that is what they want then I will make my decision early in the coming week, and on the basis of what I have witnessed over the last 2 weeks, it will be to cancel metal and revert to ‘non-subscription’. This must surely be the most expensive outcome for Curve, but their actions to date would suggest this approach is what they intend …



Good point, and I’m sure the last thing Curve will want is that, either. Instant vote loser and PR nightmare.

Right now, it’s pretty clear all the available resources are being spent on reshaping the whole product offering, including repairing the damage, both financial and reputational. That resource obviously includes @Curve_Alejandro & @Curve_Marie, so they’ll be torn in several directions as well.

Meanwhile they’re having to handle frustrated card holders as well. Non-delivery of existing card orders doesn’t help matters.

I wonder if some of the forum frustration might be eased if a moderator took firmer control of repeated and duplicated complaints and corralled them into dedicated threads. Focus the forum a bit more?



Can’t wait to see people’s reactions as Curve announce the LoungeKey feature as “access” to 1000+ lounges at a mere £25 per visit like Revolut did - even though most of the lounges can be accessed for less than that by paying at the door with no membership xD

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They already announced it’ll be 60% off…

Not everybody can justify the price of an Amex Platinum! 60% off Lounge Key is quite likely to be cheaper than £20 a head that Amex Gold charge after the first two visits…

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That 60% is probably against inflated prices - but yeah, let’s wait and see what happens. It took Revolut about 18 months to go from “Lounges coming soon” to announcing 1 free visit per year for Metal membership + £25 per additional visits. One wonders what took them so long…



As Curve have not provided a product as promised and then materially changed the offering you may have a claim under contractual law anyway over and above the 14 day cooling off period.
It could be argued that by not providing an effective means of cancellation (an email that goes unanswered and no telephone support) that curve maybe in breach of other consumer law. Also by placing barriers in the way of customers trying to enforce their rights (complaints, downgrades, cancellations) that could again be seen as anti consumer and you could lodge a civil claim.
Obviously this is all could and maybe, IANAL.

Oh and today is day 14 after ordering and I’ve still not had my card.

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All I can say is that unless they fix it soon, this will be splendid material for Thesis in advertising/handling of the product.
‘How to destroy your own brand: 1, 2, 3’



I’m now on day 19 since I ordered Metal via the beta app. Still no card and 4 days since I chased and no response, I’ve decided to cancel.



I really think Curve should have rolled back the entire subscriptions update and allowed people with a Metal card to keep It (I have a Black card and reverted to Black Legacy on the first day of this debacle), but revert to the situation before the update: Blue or Black with their respective benefits. No subscriptions! No choices! Just ample apologies for the mess and back to business as usual.

And then figure out how to come up with subscriptions that would benefit its clients, who already enjoy benefits from the underlying cards. It makes no sense to me for Curve to offer sub par benefits and expect clients to pay subscription fees for them. The key would be to offer niche modular benefits that supplement underlying card benefits. Curve should know which cards are used most and target them first.

Curve’s strength is in connecting and supplementing. Please transform this community by asking users what it is they want most. And slowly but surely build on Curve’s strengths…



Hey guys,

I was a actually having all of your same concerns as I switched to Metal on Jan 28 (before the Amex disaster) and didn’t get my card issued until on the 8th of Feb and received 11feb. I contacted support and they told my my cooling off period of 28 days starts from the day my metal rose gold card was issued (8th)… The card looks very nice btw. See Charlie’s reply below.

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I decided to cancel on the 31st. 14 days later, rather than action my simple one-line request I have an email asking why…

The lack of urgency to return my money (annual metal paid for a year) is yet more irritation on a long list.



Definitively the best class look for a metal card. No regrets for me, the Rose one will be my choice when available for us in France…yeah.



Lol. So if the cooling off period starts when they issue the card and given that somehow cards from Curve take 18 to 25 days to arrive here in Portugal, the cooling off period would already be over by the time the card arrived. Not applicable to metal, but it certainly is for those who joined the new black



Has anyone received a refund yet? Still waiting here.



Nothing yet. Received my rose gold card. Haven’t taken it out of the box. Cancelled via support and got a message the other day saying dealing with large number of requests so bear with them. Someone is making some money in interest whilst we wait!!

Now if Curve let us keep the cards with the old black legacy, it would make more sense as they’ve already been printed and dispatched. Plus free advertising.



Pretty close to putting in a dispute with the credit card company over this. Disgusting service.

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“Disgusting service” I don’t know why, but this made me chuckle.

But man, how many e-mails/tickets did Curve receive for them to be still backed up?

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I’m now on day 28 since my ‘upgrade’ to Metal as a beta user. I received an email on 31st January saying the card was on it’s way or should be with me by now! I sent an email on 8/2 requesting an update, a further email on 12/2, and a final email on 18/2 requesting cancellation of Metal and return to Black.
My cooling off period ends today!
The only acknowledgement I’ve received is dated 8/2 ‘Thanks for getting in touch. We have received your message and we’ll reply as soon as we can’.
I realise that Curve have a backlog of tickets to respond to but 13 days without response, from a financial services company, is surely unacceptable. Especially as my ticket relates to a card, apparently sent on 31/1. To say I’m unimpressed is an understatement!

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I cancelled on 30th January as soon as the Amex feature was pulled as that’s the only reason I upgraded.

Am I going to have to raise this with my credit card company? I would love to continue to use my Blue card but you’re making it really hard for me to invest any kind of faith in your company with this level of service.

I am sure many other customers are feeling the same way, and I doubt you want to be hit with 100’s of chargebacks on top of current issues.

@Curve_Marie @Curve_Alejandro

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I’m in the same boat as yourself, i looked back at my emails i’ve been signed up with Curve for 3 years now and think it’s a really good system, they’ve had some bumps in the road along the way but the thing that is bothering me with only a few days to go until i have to decide whether to retain or cancel my Metal Annual subscription is probably the same thing that’s always been their Achilles heel, the communication is not that great.

I completely appreciate that there is a huge backlog of tickets, (i have 2 unanswered since the 28th of January). But we trust curve with our money/card details. I don’t think that i would allow any other organisation to keep me waiting a month for even an initial response to my query so why should i in this case.

When amex was first withdrawn from curve way back in may 16 we got an email from @Curve_TCB, directly which seemed really customer 1st and genuine, encouraging customers to reach out directly if they had any queries. I did so in late 2017 when further changes were made with no real notice, however the response i received was pretty poor.

Anyway ramble over, not 100% sure whether to cut and run or not, i’ve paid up front for the year, the £150 does not bother me one bit, but the service needs to be up to scratch.