Update: Metal Subscriptions & Cancellation



Same here
I thought it takes 5days …guess that they’ve rushed to send it to all those who are now cancelling


Thank you for clarifying; I haven’t heard anything back form customer support yet, but understand that there a lot of messages coming in so this update is really helpful. :slight_smile:


Important information update:


Ultimately benefits not being available as advertised should equal a reduction in fees.


Can a time be given to LoungeKey instead of “soon” Even some form of guidance as to how soon, soon actually is.


It should in a ideal world but alas…


After the clarity and lack of response to my various emails, I have attempted to downgrade back to my black legacy. Is it the same with everyone else exercising this option that when hitting the downgrade button to the app you only get the ‘contact us’ page. In there I’ve stated I want to downgrade back to Black legacy but (only half) surprised it’s not automatic?



This is a clear answer and it’s what I’ve been trying to find from your customer services / twitter for days. Why don’t you post this more clearly or have a FAQ or at least have a bog standard reference with an FAQs to reply to people with similar queries


As much as I’d love to give you more information, this feature does not depend entirely on us, so we do not know for certain, other than that we do expect it to be soon. I’d like to think this will be measured in days or weeks and not in months.


I think it would’ve been better if you didn’t advertise it as a feature. Then released when it was actually ready as a ‘bonus’ feature for free.


I subscribed to Metal on 16th Jan (as a beta tester, also my card still hasn’t arrived). My 28 day extended cooling off period is almost up and there is still no news on what is going to be done to fill the hole left by AMEX. I get that this takes time, but perhaps the cooling off period should be further extended?


Totally agree. I’m over halfway through the cooling off period, no card, and the 2 ‘benefits’ I signed up for, Amex and LoungeKey, withdrawn and unavailable.


It is all very odd. Curve refers to the 14 day statutory “cooling off” period, and has voluntarily extended that to 28 days, yet not providing the agreed goods and services engages a broader set of contractual claims that would not be time-limited (at least not for 6 years). Curve certainly gives the impression of not having considered any regulatory or legal constraints, at least recently.

It has not even properly replied to the questions I (and others) asked about where Amex wallet balances were held, in which name and with what segregation.

Current Curve Black cardholders: Subscriptions and Grandfathering

We have discussed internally and have decided that for those who ordered their Curve Metal as Beta testers (so before the official launch on the 28th) we will be giving 28 days since the official launch - so until the 25th of February, to make the decision of cancelling the Curve Metal upgrade.

We hope that this is fair enough! :slight_smile:



Sorry Curve_Alejandro, but I believe many customers will feel this isn’t good enough, because Curve is asking people to make decisions with insufficient evidence upon which to base them. I am delighted to see you recognise the importance of being fair. My definition of ‘fair enough’ would be to lift the current cooling off deadline, then reintroduce it to 21 days after you have given hard, unequivocal, evidence of what Curve metal will include, because this is what we need to make informed decisions.


Sorry @Curve_Alejandro, this really isn’t good enough. My assessment of the Curve position is very much that you’re attempting to placate users, Metal or otherwise, by extending trials in piece-meal fashion yet as @tusker points out, none of us has a clue what we’re trialling.

Please, draw a breath and make some announcements around the plans for the Curve range and acknowledge it’s all too messy right now to place band-aids on. If you’ll agree to do that, I suspect the community will give you that breathing space.


Hi Graham, I understand your point. I wish I could tell you now “this is what we’re bringing in to replace the temporary lack of Amex compatibility”. We do want to offer additional benefits. We are discussing options and will let you know as soon as we have a fully viable plan.

Your offer of some time is much appreciated.


Alejandro, I upgraded to metal on 25th Jan. I still haven’t received my metal card as yet! By the time is arrives i’ll probably have far less than the 14 days left of the supposedly extended period! Surely my cooling off period should start after I have received my card?? Can you advise?


Read my earlier post. You are not restricted to the cooling-off period. Firstly, you have a possible contractual claim (supported by Consumer Rights Act 2015 and general contract law) for a long period. Secondly, you can request a charge-back of any monthly charge to your underlying credit card. This whole discussion appears to be led by Curve rather than the consumer. @sonynair @Graham @tusker