Update: Metal Subscriptions & Cancellation



Many thanks for the quick, clear and comprehensive responses. I presume there will be in due course at least some sort of indication of the nature of the alternative packages you are working on, and the time-frame for their probable availability.


I’m inclined to think that Curve will be very clear about next steps. We’ve all struggled with uncertainty these past few days - a very positive statement will be more than appreciated. :grinning:


7 days since upgrading to metal and still no sign of my card, great you’ve extended the cooling off period for another 14 days on top but would be nice to see the card before the window runs out!


Where was this change? I read only “you” and not the partner / children bit…


Absolutely vital. Confusion breeds confusion. And I am probably as guilty as anyone. When the debacle broke I hadn’t received my metal card, so I asked ‘if it could be cancelled?’ I still await a response to this one, but it has been overtaken by events. We then received the announcement of the doubling of the cooling-off to 28 days. My response to Curve what that I appreciated the gesture, and therefore rescinded my earlier contact which may or may not have been taken as a formal request to revert! Now we have had this afternoon’s additional clarification, I am certainly prepared to wait for the remainder of the cooling off period before making a final decision. I just hope Curve CS read all a customer’s emails before acting!!


Can an option be to put a cost on the LoungeKey and charge that for people wanting to keep metal, but not wanting to subscribe to the tier without Amex? This would be so much more cost effective and less wasteful than the current option to block the card and send another replacement.


Bottom of page 11 of the T & C’s. Last thing in the “Definitions” table.


the Cardholder and his/her spouse or legal partner (any couple in a common law relationship
living permanently at the same address), their unmarried children, aged under 19, or age
19 to 21 if in full time education, who are legally and financially dependent (according to
the regulations of the country of residence) on the Cardholder, all living in the country of
residence and travelling on a trip.
Beneficiaries are only covered when travelling on the trip with and to the same destination
as the Cardholder.

I missed it first read through!


One thing i’m not sure about: Is the gadget insurance effectively a replacement for phone insurance? Does it cover normal day to day or only specifically when you’re travelling?


I’d jump on a cut down metal that just included the curve benefits + lounge access. Trouble is it would have to be around £100-120/year, directly in line with new existing black. Perhaps just as a good will gesture for those who ordered metal BEFORE the amex debacle? Option to get grandfathered in to it but no new customers?


Regarding Metal benefits - doubling the time that go back in time is available to use, from 14 days to 30 days would be a great addition.


Time Machine eh? Mac user by any chance? :wink:

‘Go back in time’ is for Curve :wink:


Oops. You guessed correctly! I think I should have added “This was sent from my iMac” in my signature.


Haha! Yes, me too! Both work extremely well though… Time Machine and Go Back in Time!


Thank you for clarifying the situation, it makes things much clearer for those who upgraded.


Unfortunately this will not be an option. It’s almost impossible operationally with LoungeKey, and we do want to give a fair choice. Thanks for asking.


Great to hear. I have emailed support asking to cancel my metal and go back to legacy black. Appreciate you guys are mega busy though so I wont pester!


So I could upgrade to metal then cancel and still be grandfathered to legacy black?


That’s very clear. Super response! Thank you!


Curve Team - Why not offer and post a new incentive to Metal subscribers to remain on subscription?


Glad to see metal card holders won’t get to keep the card active.

It may well be a ‘gesture of goodwill’ to let it slide and leave it active, but then there are many others that want a metal card for a one-off fee that can’t have it.

Now just need Curve to get round to answering tickets (sent before the Amex fiasco and unrelated to the Amex fiasco!)

Sadly the fallout from Curve’s games with Amex is affecting all customers and so Curve’s reputation - even to non-Amex users like myself.

I do hope Curve recover from it, but senior management/decision makers need a long look at how this was allowed to unfold in the first place