Update: Metal Subscriptions & Cancellation



Yes, I have it in writing, via email from having downgraded my subscription via the app and subsequently explicitly asking the question.


Well I have received no answer from curve support for a week now, so at least it’s good to know that you got it :grin:


Thanks for the heads up!

I had read the terms through, but missed the part where they re-defined “You” to mean you + partner + dependant children. Maybe i’ll be sticking with metal… off to crunch some numbers.


Fully agree with @theboylogan’s analysis and suggested way forward. My reasons for moving to metal are the same - as is my intention to completely bin metal if an acceptable, pragmatic alternative isn’t offered well within the extended cooling off period.


Did you cancel your subscription or ask a general query ? I’d imagine they’re swamped at the moment and are prioritising responses so actual cancellations invoked with queries are addressed ahead of general queries - but that’s purely speculative on my part !


I asked them how to cancel and that I want back my legacy black tier.

How did you cancel? Downgraded to the black subscription?


As I posted elsewhere on this forum, CS answered my ‘have you got my house number correctly recorded on your database?’ query 4 days after I posed it. My - ‘I’ve decided I don’t want metal, but will you penalise me for reverting?’ query posted around the same time has yet to receive any response other than the automated acknowledgement. So if my situation is anything to go by, routine admin queries seem to be being prioritised; quite possibly because these are the queries Curve feel they actually can answer!


Hi all - just to be super clear:

  • We will allow all Black cardholders who upgraded to Metal this week, and who no longer want it because of the Amex situation, to revert to Black Legacy with no cost. You have 28 days from the moment you were upgraded (and charged) to do so.
  • We do not intend to keep any upgrade fees from the above customers - we will process the downgrade and refund the fees as soon as we can.

We do ask for your patience, even though it is surely frustrating for you - it’s a busy time here.

cc @Curve_Marie

January Launch FAQs

Alejandro and @Curve_Marie

The clarity is ok, but my points aren’t covered and I think you have a missed opportunity here I really do


Thank you Alejandro! :+1:


There are practical problems with this.

For one, we can’t let the Metal card be active if you are not paying for the Lounge benefit (which is coming soon) as you’d still be able to access it through a third party which is not set for these types of nuances (they let in active cards, period).

Also, one of the lures of paying for a Metal subscription is the actual metal card. If you do not like the Metal tier without Amex, it is understandable and we will bear the card cost as we cancel it. If you want it once the situation has clarified, you’re in your right to upgrade again (without the free months this time).



Are the 3 months trial periods still the same for Black cards? Could we go back to grandfathered in the 3rd month if we decided to?


Yes, that never changed.


Thanks! Will evaluate if its the right product for me within the 3 months. Cheers


The fact you’re not charging Black customers who upgraded the cancellation fee is great news.

Will you also be offering free cancellations to all other metal users who want to cancel in the cooling-off period (as your terms have a £50 fee for anyone who has received their metal card)?


And you have been :+1:. Thanks @Curve_Alejandro


Are you sure there’s no validation check with LK ?

With the Santander Select card for LK, you still have to register the card with LK to be able to get in and use it at the lounge reception desk (from memory of the process!)

So, when the LoungeKey registration check happens with the card number you enter, there must be an API ping to a database storing eligible and valid Curve card numbers.

If so, you can whitelist those on metal subscription and blacklist those that aren’t so they don’t return back in the verification ping for registration.

Then you get to save wastage and cost on the cards !


As someone who migrated from free blue to metal for which I paid for 12 month in advance , and to be super clear, are you saying that:

  1. There are no negative consequences to anyone activating a metal card they have recently received.
  2. At any point within the 28 days after ‘the moment I was upgraded’ I may ask to revert to basic blue status, and you will refund my £150?
  3. Is my old blue plastic card still valid, such that it will work as before upon reversion, or do I need to request a new one?
  4. Are you working to come up with a new, probably ‘Amexless’ package, for metal card holders that has any chance of being announced and available in the next ~ 23 days (i.e. the time I have left to decide whether to cancel my metal card.)?

  1. Yes, you can activate and use for 28 days and at any point in that period, downgrade/cancel the account. The same applies to Black cardholders (they will be grandfathered to Curve Black Legacy). Your Metal card will be cancelled immediately.
  2. Yes
  3. No, you will need to get a new card
  4. Great point - we are working on alternatives, nothing is defined at the moment. (Busy days!)


Just what we need - some fresh options. :+1: