Update: Metal Subscriptions & Cancellation



Also have no TfL charges against my Amex wallet for the last couple of days.
However I just used my new metal card for the first time and the 0.10 active card check amount hit my Amex wallet straight away.


Still waiting for mine to arrive but I think my current card has crapped out in the meantime. I can’t get into the card options on the app as it keeps asking me to activate my metal card first. Bit frustrating.


My TfL charge from yesterday (old black card, Amex wallet as the source) just got declined by Curve. Whether that’s because that card is now deactivated or something else is anyone’s guess.


Can we downgrade from metal back to legacy black?

Bringing Amex Back to Curve

I also want to be able to downgrade from Metal to legacy black. I do not feel it is fair if we are not able to.


With the lack of Amex I’m thinking about cancelling my recent metal purchase.

I would keep it if, like many other packaged accounts/cards, the insurances covered you and your spouse rather than just yourself. £15/month is too much to justify otherwise.

Currently we’re using a nationwide flexplus account for our travel/phone/car breakdown insurances and it’s hard to beat at £13/month. If curve covered us both with it’s insurances then the higher limits and metal card could be worth finding breakdown elsewhere.

What benefits would make the new Curve Black and Curve Metal worth it?

I think it’s a fair move in the circumstances.

Tying people to the subscription would be wrong. Amex is however only 1 part of the subscription. Metal card holders can’t have their cake and eat it - otherwise I’m upgrading then immediately downgrading within the cooling off period!


100% agree with this though. Curve shouldn’t use live customers as pawn in their game with Amex!


Whilst a doubling of the duration of the cooling-off period is very welcome, what precisely constitutes ‘D-Day’ for the 28 clock to start ticking? Obvious candidates are: the date upgrade requested and payment taken, or the date the card arrived (with a number so you can start using it), or the date the customer activates the metal.
To maximise clarity, would it not be better for Curve to simply state that because of the Amex withdrawal issue, the cooling off period has been extended to 23:59 on 28th February?


Id wager it’s the date the upgrade was requested, because at that point your account has the additional benefits associated to it and your current card (albeit you haven’t received the new shiny one @ that point) just accesses the same back end system and services but with all the upgraded features …


It’s on the day you entered into a contract with the company to provide a service. So yeah the day you upgraded in the app.

Has there been any confirmation if they are still going to charge the £50 fee for the metal card to those who cancel their subscriptions?


That statement was pretty damning of Curve tbh. Seems Amex expressed they were unhappy and Curve winged it attempting to “call their bluff” as it were by loading the platform with a large number of customers.

If Amex was a person on a date and Curve the other. Curve would be chatting to the police right now. The same rules apply to business, the only thing that means yes is yes not silence. That was some fast and loose nonsense to play with your customer base there Curve.

Not anti curve at all, just shocked at upper management, approving the go ahead when it was crystal clear (stated in fact according to the statement) that amex were not happy with the top-up wallet.


I don’t see Curve being able to have another course of action. They couldn’t pursue a legal challenge against amex based on a commentary expressed in an informal meeting. Curve didn’t have any kind of formal partnership with amex


Interestingly I wondered if the lounge access was through Amex and not a separate service, as Amex offers lounge access. But the service of lounge access offered by Curve does not say or state anything other than ‘coming soon’.

I think Curve is in a mess and I wonder if this company will be around much longer, I hope it is and if so it needs to make its customer service it’s first priority.


I believe it’s separate … LoungeKey is a separate company and provides lounge services to Santander customers, N26 customers etc. so am pretty sure the lounge access wasn’t linked through Amex and the coming soon was more pertinent to ironing out the final points of the agreement between LoungeKey and Curve.


This isnt true, the insurance does cover the whole family, so long as they are travelling with you. Sure, it doesnt cover spouse if they are travelling without you.


It’d be good if there was a third option here.

Keep the metal card, allow it to continue running, by all means strip off the insurance but let me keep the card.

When Amex comes back I’ll gladly pay the fee for the total package of benefits including metal.

I only upgraded to Metal due to Amex. The combo of the benefits meant I felt it was greater value than other options.

To only give me the option of completely cancelling, without any details on what happens when I do… seems crazy.

Be pragmatic here due to the special circumstances guys - you must be making a loss if I cancel Metal now!


Thanks for your reply. I am sure you’re right, with this latest mess just makes me wonder. Just received my metal card this morning, is quite different for sure.!


I’m inclined to agree in that I think Curve may’ve missed a trick here because there has to be a cost associated to the production of those metal cards that’re stamped & personalised with your details, so because they’re personalised ~ have zero re-use ability to Curve for any members cards that excercised their Cancellation Rights in the Cooling Off period and subsequently received their refund ; meaning the production cost of that card then sits with Curve.

Also, Curve seemingly have the added cost / overhead of secure waste disposal as assumedly these cards with your details on, cannot just be dumped in the bin where they’re then out in the public domain ~ compromising your personal details.

Perhaps a more prudent approach could’ve been to allow customers to retain their metal card, even if they’d cancelled (as a gesture of goodwill in light of the fiasco ~ they must be binning them anyway?) and then removed the benefits of AXA Travel & Gadget insurance and LoungeKey access and continued your Rewards Plan for X months.

This would a) save wasted cost on the cards they’ve had printed but refunded the premium to the customer as they’ve put a better customer outcome out there following a negative one, placating customer feeling b) kept customers using metal and if / once once Amex or another partnership is crystallised ; customers now have sentimental attachment to the shiny card and are then incentivised to move back across to a paid plan to retain it and c) saved a complete faff for them on the cancelled metal cards disposal process and d) looked like they’d tried to provide as aimiable customer outcome as possible.

I think they’ve done a really good thing allowing customers to revert back to their original position of Curve Legacy Black though, and I hugely appreciate their decision in doing that ~ good work.

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Do you know someone that reverted back to Black Legacy from Metal? I haven’t seen any member confirming that they succeed in doing so and definitely haven’t seen any official Curve employee verifying it either!