Unable to add Prepaid cards

Hey @martinegtk, sorry for any confusion caused by our team there. I’ve checked that for you now and can see that the BIN 533952 is being reviewed by our team at the moment!

@Telephoneman we have a couple of Boon BIN’s down to be reviewed by our operations team. Can you confirm the BIN so I can make sure it’s down?

@Bionicecho I can see that there’s an Openbank BIN being reviewed by our team too. I understand it’s frustrating having to wait but there’s an awful lot of BIN’s that need to be carefully renewed, bear with us! I can double check it for you if you confirm the BIN? :blush:

@Hannah The BIN I am talking about is : 522406 you can add the card but cannot be verified.

I’ve checked and this BIN is still being reviewed but there are a lot of reviews to get through at the moment so it may take some time. Our team are also working on improving this process at the moment so that it’s quicker!

Hello @Hannah BIN is 5440 0611 (MasterCard) thanks

Hannah, can you have a look at the spree card for NHS, the bin is 479613

Hi all, is it possible to add the support for deutsche bank card with 493595 BIN?

It has already been asked multiple times here and they have already said that they are not going to add it.
I would suggest Curve team to make a new list of supported and unsupported cards so that people won’t keep asking the same things all the time.


Hey @Telephoneman and @Dann, these BINs are down to be reviewed!

@curvesuperfan, I agree that we need an updated list of supported and unsupported BIN’s. I’m going to feed this back to the team and see if it’s possible.

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I’d be happy to make a wiki post and keep it updated on the community if you can let me know the status of BINs?

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I can add my Openbank card to Curve in a few days. You would have to try it again because now it supports it.

Hi Hannah,
can you please check for adding card with BIN 537498, debit Mastercard (Glint pay services; gold card).

Hey @rovelist, I’ve checked and the BIN ‘537498’ is currently being reviewed by our team.

Thank you, @Luke_Curve.

Any updates for BIN 522406? It is under review since January…

Hey, I can see this BIN is still being reviewed by our team!

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Hey guys, when you can add a prepaid boon. Bin 54400611?

Hey Hannah,

Could you add 533889(VIMpay Prepaid Card) to the Review List?


Hey @witzo1000, this BIN has been added to the list to be reviewed. @GlebGHG unfortunately, after careful consideration, our team has decided not to support this BIN.

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Hi @Hannah, Could you submit 51709217 for a review please? Thanks