Unable to add Prepaid cards

I’ve updated the list to include this BIN, however, this is a VISA Electron card and Electron isn’t apart of the coverage at the moment.

As I stated multiple times here on the forum, I have other Visa Electron cards added to Curve, including an Electron debit from the same bank. This is also an electron but prepaid instead of debit…

So why does Curve support Electron (as proven by the cards I use with Curve), even makes custom Images for the cards that have “electron” written on them but then officially claims not to support Electron? It’s weird to say the least

Thanks . Looking forward for a good outcome :slight_smile:

Would be nice if we could see update date for supported card list. Currently its not clear when it last time was updated. https://support.imaginecurve.com/hc/en-gb/articles/115003215849-Which-cards-can-I-add-to-Curve-
^ Simply add “Last updated in xx.yy.zzzz” somewhere in that page.

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Looks like that is already there, page was last updated on 06 September 2019 20:19 (by Chi).

But since it’s hard to imagine (for me) that since September 2019 no prepaid cards were added to the ‘whitelist’, it might be possible that the (table on the) page is outdated/not updated.

@Curve_Marie @Curve_Helena
Hello, as I already asked through your email support, can you add or check status of validating/accepting visa prepaid card with this BIN 402430 of Intesa San Paolo Bank. I can’t use my debit card with Curve, so this is my only option. Thanks for any reply

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Hi @TadPer, welcome to the community!
Of Intesa San Paolo, do you mean the XME conto card?

Hi @Mattia95 , thanks, no I mean Visa prepaid card issued by Banka Intesa Sanpaolo. It is a slovenian bank (few years ago Banka Koper) in this intesa sanpaolo group. I cannot add their debit Visa card, since they say it doesn’t support online payments, so the only way I can use Curve is if they add this prepaid card.

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Curve staff - be aware that following article is outdated - https://support.imaginecurve.com/hc/en-gb/articles/115005774729-I-can-t-add-a-card-to-the-Curve-app (more than 8 cards supported and also Loot is gone bankrupt).

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@Jes Any Updates to the Bin 5440 06 after 6 and half days?

I’m afraid 6,5 days is nothing in Curve terms (in this matter). More like 6,5 weeks maybe more realistic. I’m waiting too (for some other bin to be added).

And still too little :smiley:

At least its not reached the level of revolut’s soon™ :slightly_smiling_face:
Curve have Dark mode in app (yay), Revolut no.