Unable to add Prepaid cards

I tried to add a boon. prepaid card BIN 518404 which is in the ‘supported list’ of Curve selected prepaid cards (https://support.imaginecurve.com/hc/en-gb/articles/115003215849).
But the card was rejected with the dreadful red message :imp: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Update: I tried again today and boon. was accepted. :ok_hand:

Great to hear @bobzr!

Any update on BIN 479613? It’s the health service discount card

Don’t have an update yet, but I’ll re-add the request :slight_smile:

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Hello @Curve_Marie,

please create a request for 532017 from BNC10 (issued by Prepaid Financial Services).

Thank you.


Hello. I would like to add a request for other prepaid cards, the ones whose BIN is 531158
They are Italian MasterCard prepaid cards by CheBanca bank.
Thank you.


I asked the suport two months ago about BIN 530482 (Spanish correosprepago issued by Prepaid Finnancial Services). Is there any update on this?

Thanks and Regards,

Prepaid cards can take a little longer to be reviewed and added to the system and your BIN is on the list to be reviewed but there’s not been an update for us at this point in time.

I suggest you to add two italian cards:

  • Tinaba, which is technically a Mastercard prepaid issued by Nexi, but the account is a full bank account with Banca Profilo, it would be quite proper to support this card in Curve since it acts as a debit card.
    The BIN is 5226 8607.
    Read more

  • DB contocarta by Deutsche Bank Easy. This is technically a Visa electron prepaid, but it’s the more advanced prepaid we have in Italy, a lot of people use it like a full bank account.
    The BIN is 4935 9501.
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Is there a public list of BINs which you are reviewing so that we can check if our proposed BINs are being considered right now?

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Hi @Curve_Marie , Do you have any update on BIN 530039? It was submitted twice by @Curve_Helena in August, but no news since then unfortunately.:man_shrugging:

same problem with 537346 - 3ds is verified, info about success appears but still not verified (Revolut Prepaid card):

I added Skrill physical card to Curve and use it without any issues.
Virtual card no. You need to add the physical one.

My virtual card from Revolut
Prepaid visa, works perfect

I meant Skrill. Revolut you can add the virtual.

I’ve tried again to add a prepaid card with BIN 531158. Once the app told me that prepaid cards aren’t allowed when trying to add this card. Now it says “We are having some problems. Please try again later”. This message is not clear.
Is it because the card has no funds or because MasterCard SecureCode is activated or just because this card is still not allowed?

I use an app called RecargaPay to top up my Brazilian SIM card, because it gives me a 5% rebate on every top-up, whereas a top-up directly with the mobile network would not do so. Besides topping up SIM cards, RecargaPay offers a number of other payment-related services, including a prepaid MasterCard, which gives 1% cashback. Although RecargaPay supplies a virtual card (similar to Revolut’s virtual cards) free of charge, it unreasonably charges for a physical card at BRL 9.99 per month. This prepaid MasterCard is useful for anyone, particularly non-residents of Brazil, who wishes to hold a balance in BRL and spend in BRL on a card directly from that balance.

Because this is a prepaid card, it cannot be added to Curve until its BIN is added to Curve’s list of approved prepaid BINs. If Curve adds support for this BRL-denominated prepaid MasterCard, then one could use Curve as the physical card with the RecargaPay virtual card as the underlying card, thereby avoiding RecargaPay’s unreasonable BRL 9.99 per month charge for a physical card. Therefore please could Curve add support for RecargaPay’s BIN, which is 5460 01?

Of course, if Revolut ever manages to support BRL as a balance currency (which is difficult because BRL is a restricted currency), then the need for this falls away, as it would achieve the same objective more conveniently.


I’d love the ability to add gift cards to the app.
I have reloadable gift cards that I top up through work (with discounts) so it would be great to be able to add these to my other cards & not have to carry them round all the time!

We’ve previously whitelisted prepaid card BINs in batches and are now reviewing how to streamline the process. Once we’ve finished, we’ll review all the previously submitted BINs :slight_smile:

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