Unable to add Prepaid cards

Last March I asked Curve support to add to Curve’s database of authorised cards the BINs of some prepaid cards I have from ActivoBank. In reply I was told to wait about a month and I would be able to add the cards

These cards are popular here in Portugal and multiple people who I’ve referred to Curve have asked me about not being able to add them to Curve

More than 4 months have now passed and the BINs are still not authorized

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I would give @Curve_Aleca or the support team a shout

I had some referrals that successfully managed to add activobank cards to the curve. Others do not. It’s a mess with some cards in Portugal. And, sometimes, with the registration process too :expressionless:

Bear in mind that I’m specifically referring to the “Prepaid” cards. The debit and credit card from ActivoBank can be added without issue

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My apologies for missing this message, I was away on a holiday @Dann :sweat_smile:
We would be happy to check where are we in the process of whitelisting this BIN. So I can do that, @megamaster can you please confirm with the first 6 digits of the card? :slightly_smiling_face:


BIN is 433391


Any news on being able to add the cards?

Hey @megamaster :wave: At the moment this BIN isn’t accepted with Curve. The BIN has been requested to be whitelisted.

The request has been put through to the Product Team but at this time, a specific timeframe can’t be given as to when this will happen :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Curve_Helena,

Do you have any info about BIN 522320 and 530039?


Hey @Oliverda :slightly_smiling_face: Neither of these BINs are currently accepted with Curve. For the BIN: 530039 this is not accepted with Curve after a risk review was performed on it.

For the BIN: 522320, new cards are being added all the time and your request for this card to be added has been sent. A risk review needs to be performed on it, and judge it on a case-by-case basis. New cards are added every 6-8 weeks.

Generally, Curve doesn’t support prepaid cards. The prepaid cards currently supported are:


Hope this helps :blush:

N26 is a prepaid card ? i though it was a Debit MC

It has been previously said here, multiple times that that list is no longer in place and cards are reviewed and put into the approved BIN list. As @Patrick_BB mentioned N26 hasn’t been prepaid for years and there are definitely many more prepaid cards than that being supported

That’s the reason i dont understand. N26 is a real bank licenced, the card is a Debit MC, it’s a real bank with compensation scheme deposit. Not a prepaid card.

The picture around BIN acceptance and the process itself seems unclear from this thread (at least to me). The pre-paid issue also seems rather vague (N26 is certainly a debit card anyway).

Can a Curve representative give us a definitive update please?
@Curve_Helena @Curve_Aleca @Curve_Marie

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Thanks for the prompt reply @Curve_Helena. :slightly_smiling_face: Why are prepaid cards risky for Curve? Could you share some details about the review process?

I recommend you to change the error message for unsupported cards anyway. The current one is a bit misleading:


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I’m confused now, isn’t the age limit for Curve 18 years old? So why is Osper, a prepaid card for kids, accepted then?

Perhaps parents want to add it to their account?

Logically tho, if a parent has money to be paying a company (Osper) for a debit card each month, I think the parent has their own money. :man_shrugging:

I’m meaning as a way to spend money that’s on the card. I’ve no idea how it compares to the likes of Go Henry etc.

All cards that are added to Curve need to be reviewed by our operations team, details of the process apart from the timeframe are unable to be shared for security reasons.

I’ve asked for the BIN 530039 to be reviewed again, this process can take 6-8 weeks.

Agreed! I’ll pass this on and get someone to look into changing the message thanks for flagging it :blush: