UK BIN Curve card declined Google Pay

Is there any explanation from Curve, why UK BIN cards can’t be added to Google Pay? Everythime trying to add the card, it’s declined with a notification “try another underlying card”

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I believe both the BIN of the card and your country of residence/address for the card need to be in the UK otherwise google pay will reject it. E.g a Spanish Resident with a UK BIN metal card can’t use google pay but a UK resident with the exact same BIN can.

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This used to be the case for a while, but, as far as I know, isn’t the case anymore. Dutch resident here with a UK BIN that has its Curve Red Investor card added to Google Pay (for contactless payments).

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If you have UK BIN on your card, it works with Google Pay.
I haven’t got any information from support, why this is happening? @Hannah

I live in Belgium, metal card with UK BIN. No problem with google pay, contactless works fine.

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Still unable to add UK BIN Curve card to Google Pay contactless. When will you fix it? @Curve_Marie @Hannah

Any news to this problem?

Adding UK BIN Curve card to Google Pay contactless still doesn’t work, the contactless verification stops to Curve sending notification “0$ Declined by Matercard St. Lousiana”.

Is someone else having this problem?

@RA1 I’ve noticed this error when my Curve card was locked in the Curve app. You might want to check that.

@w.joseph No, that’s not the problem, I’m using my card daily.

Support told that its a “bug” in my account, but after asking multiple times, don’t get an answer and don’t know what is causing it. But I can’t be the only having this “bug”(?)

This is irritating, and no information about a fix.

Fixes to this?
@Curve_Marie @Curve_Ivo @Curve_Alex @Hannah @Zac_Curve

Hey @RA1 we’re unable to provide any further information on this as our team are still investigating it. Our support team team will follow up directly to your email address once they have an update for you.