Tumi Card Wallet - Should Curve bring them back! Vote


No you can’t lol all mine wallet is the bomb


Hi Glen… The next time I send you something, i’ll join some blue wrapped sweets… :slight_smile:


I’ll hold you to that @Patrick_BB :sunglasses:


How come you didn’t get it at the same time?


I ordered my Black + Tumi 14 days ago, but it seems like it’s lost in shipment, so if I need a reshipment I won’t me able to get Tumi that I paid for??


I got mine off eBay lol 25 pound I heard they ran out off wallets so just brought one lol


Bring them back indeed I thought they were still standard issue with black accounts. Someone is selling a curve one on ebay for £27.99

(Also all beta testers should get one as a thankyou :kissing_smiling_eyes:.)


I find card wallets useless items as a proper wallet is more than enough. I don’t even know what we did with ours


I have a Tumi wallet - unused - for sale. Bought it when I upgraded to Curve Black. Interested parties, feel free to DM me…:grinning: