Titanium Apple Card... a Curve Metal killer?


Early reports from today’s announcement suggests a card that replicates Curve features is to be released by Apple.

Hoping Curve can maintain its distinction but this can’t be good news for this Brit brand.

EDIT: appears the card won’t act as an actual wallet but as a proper credit card so no overlap with Curve.

Apple Credit Card Vs Curve

Also mention of 2% cashback - fine in the USA but can’t see any way they can offer that this side of the Pond!

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Probably will not come in EEA in years :slight_smile:

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@ediflyer The card is also pretty mediocre as far as US cards go. There are plenty of cards that provide 2% cashback on all transactions, not just Apple Pay transactions.


I think the main issue is that it would devalue Curve metal. The apple card is meant to be made form titanium (I think) and the people who want a metal card can now just get one from apple. Curve metal is pretty scarce for features anyway and having apple bringing out a metal credit card with no fees, much like curve, and 2% cash back makes you wonder why even go for Curve metal, assuming you already have insurance from somewhere else. All that’s left would be Lounge access which, as on now, is still not available, and that you can keep all your cards in one. In that case it would be cheaper to get a Curve blue card, that keeps all your cards and then an Apple metal card for the cashback and no fees perks.

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Look at how long it took for Apple Pay / Google Pay to arrive in Europe, its not even released yet with every bank or all EEA countries. Then you know how long it would take for any new card to arrive here :wink:
Also keep in mind that bonus & cashback is much higher in the U.S. than in Europe, you usually get 50k sign up points / miles with most cards.
You can’t offer that here since interchange fee is much lower in Europe

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The recent announcement of Apple Card is very interesting and has the whole industry talking this morning.

From initial reading Apple Card is credit card programme, with a ‘titanium’ card being offered to use at merchants that don’t accept Apple Pay. The physical Apple Card will bear no card number, CVV security code, expiration date or signature on the card - which could present its own acceptance issues.

Offering 3% instant cashback on all Apple spend, 2% on all Apple Pay spend and 1% on Apple card spend is definitely a proposition that will appeal to many, considering the often convoluted nature of cashback redemption on UK & EEA credit card programmes.

We are currently reviewing our own Curve Rewards programme with the aim to release a new and improved proposition across all of our product tiers.

As @Lucas alludes to, Apple Card is not yet available in the USA and no UK or EEA launch date has been given. Similarly, there are still countries within Europe that are not yet Apple Pay accessible.

I would imagine that N26, Revolut & and all other FinTechs that issue metal cards will be watching this development keenly over the coming months. For now, we are continuing to work on delivering the best Curve Metal experience we can. We apologise that things have moved slower that we promised but rest assured that we are on it!