Timeline search Bug

Am using v2.7.5+20705 on a Xiaomi Pocophone F1 (Android) but am sure I have experienced this on previous versions as well.

If I go to the Timeline and press the icon to search my transactions.

When I select the free text field the keyboard appears - but after typing a character, the keyboard disappears and I need to reselect the free text field again to reactivate the keyboard.

This happens each time I enter a character in the search box - which makes the search functionality very inconvenient to use!

Just checked on my phone and I’m guetting the same issue.
Are you using Swiftkey keyboard?

No, I am using Gboard here.

I believe this bug has existed for ages - I just wasn’t aware of the forum and then forgot to report it when I eventually found it!:slight_smile:

I will forward your feedback to the Product team as we are likely to be revamping that screen at some point anyways.

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Same bug, already reported it incl. a video to support@
This bug has been there for months already.

Thanks - I did search the forum but couldn’t find anything