Thinkmoney account cards not recognized

Hi I have a thinkmoney current account but curve app doesn’t recognize the card. The app thinks it’s a pre paid card?
Anybody else with this issue??

It is a prepaid card.

It’s not on the allowed list of Prepaid cards

You need to contact Curve and ask them to add it to the allowed list.

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To Curve technicians
Could you look into the inclusion of thinkmoney sort code 162015 debit cards into the app system.

You will need to contact support asking them to add it, and give them the BIN number, which is the first 6 digits of the card number.


Hi @Louiemail welcome to the community! :blush: As @daedal mentioned, please do contact our Customer Support team in-app or via mentioning the first 6 digits of the payment card you are trying to add. They will be able to help you out :+1: