The Beta has inspired me to cancel my Curve card

  1. Subscription model based around insurance.
    I don’t remember all the Curve customers desperately clamouring for insurance, so why?! It feels forced on me.

  2. Frankly awful CS in app. No response or simple attempts to fob you off. Terrible interface. No way to mark an issue as urgent. Really frustrating

  3. Botched Amex integration
    I wanted Amex as just another card in Curve, whereas it’s now a different card with different rules. It’s also so expensive, whether on subscription (when you don’t need insurance…) or PAYG, I don’t see why I wouldn’t just use my Amex card directly and accept it won’t be accepted everywhere

  4. Terrible comms
    Amex was coming back in November, but it’s actually still in closed Beta.
    I don’t understand the crazy rewards plus subscription plus commercial/personal model any more. The help pages are not exactly enlightening.

  5. Complexity
    The MCC engine just means it’s impossible to know in advance what fees you might be charged on your underlying card. There’s no good system for handling declines either.

All in all, I think I’ll just go back to one Mastercard, one Visa and my Amex - for a much simpler life!


The MCC is set by the merchant, so it doesn’t make a difference if you use your curve card or any other card, you won’t know what the MCC is without asking the merchant.

Also don’t understand point 4. Curve has a clear overview of what is included in which product. Also keep in mind beta means beta, not everything is working.
Point 3: yes, if would be great to have AmEx as an underlying card but Curve is not allowed to do so by AmEx. There is nothing Curve can do, AmEx prohibited the use of it. AmEx could also just blackmail Curve and there is no work around it.


I share many of your concerns. The beta is quite disappointing, doubly so when it’s taken them so long to put together. They also seem to have made the app UI significantly worse in the beta.

However, I’m going to stick with it for now. I like the idea, and I think they have more potential than the other fintechs that are just creating bank accounts without websites. Curve are actually innovating - whilst I’m disappointed with the focus on crappy insurance in the black/metal accounts, some of the plans in their pre-christmas blog post sound really cool.

I’m hopeful that their comms will improve over time, and that if they can find a sustainable business model, they’ll come up with some good products.

Basically, I don’t like where they’ve gone in the last six months, but I still find the basic product genuinely useful, and I’m willing to give them some time to get the rest right.


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Well, I think you’ve persuaded me to stick it in a drawer instead!

It’s a shame it’s such a mess right now. There’s huge potential


Good - stick around @Gaoler (good work @podgib) :grin:


Anyone know why this was flagged?!


Oh, because I put the t word in it. It’s a turn of phrase! :joy:

Talk about oversensitive…