That “New Black” announcement

I’m on the Curve Black trial and didn’t receive an email.

Same position here, signed up to Curve Black before the subscription launch, not a beta tester but no email.

Hi Marie,
I didn’t receive the email.

No email received here either

Sorry ignore me, just noted that beta users don’t get the email, fair enough.

Although the email content seem to suggest its meant for beta? Or maybe beta is not free trial …

" Dear [User],

Last week we notified you that your free trial of the new Curve Black will end today. Since then, we’ve received a lot of feedback and great ideas on how we can extend the Curve Black offering to you and our early adopters for free."

Indeed :slight_smile:

Hopefully we’ll get an update tomorrow, the next working day :grinning:

Excited to see whats coming!

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Right I’m confused. I had to upgrade the app as the old one was not supported. Now its signed me up to insurance. I want black legacy. So my details passed to insurance which I’m not sure if I have or not. I never updated as the old app worked fine and I didn’t want the subscription. what is going on?


Curve is the most confusing fin-tech product in existence. Welcome to the club.


Good luck sorting it out!

It took me about two weeks to downgrade to Blue when subscriptions first were forced on us.

But mins says its black free. So there is no subscription and you ddn’t need to do anything to downgrade to black legacy. But the insurance said it finished on the 28th april. So that’s why i was suprised it signed me up now

:thinking: Interesting. What do you mean exactly with this? Did AXA tell you insurance finished on 28th April?

Any news on what this update is? It’s been a month now

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@diego_curve - any updates when you’re back in the office? :slight_smile:

So, when is Diego back in the office?

If you have Black Legacy then DONT UPGRADE. I’ve been on this metal card now, having paid up front. I feel totally shafted and wanted to go back to metal. Several posts, emails and even a chat on the phone all ended in nothing but a “wait and see”. Crazy considering I’m out £150.

I want to submit a complaint to a regulator/ombudsman but I also love my card and have told tons of people to download the app. Mind you, I sell phones and tech. When I recommend to people I’m not passing them a personal invite except for colleagues and friends. Most of my invites are ransom customers thrilled “at the concept of” Curve.

All I freaking want is my legacy black and my existing [pre-feb 2018] rewards. Literally legacy black looks like gold right now in comparison to this.


Oh don’t worry I’m not that silly, I’ve seen the complaints that other people like yourself have had. Even worse is the fact you pay a monthly fee for the “privilege” thanks but no thanks.

So, has Diego never been in the office for the past 10 days? C’mon…

By the way you have 4 days to respect the deadline you guys gave us for the new rewards programme.

Will you be able to respect a deadline for once? I don’t think so, but surprise me.


Everyone who were on Curve Black before subscription rolled out and has not started their subscription is eligible for Curve Black Legacy and still on the trial.

Regarding the rewards: we’ve encountered an account migration issue that has delayed the Beta.

There’s a short update on product development just around the corner.


Will this be applied automatically or do we have apply in any way.

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